Cavo’s Latest LP Is Sure To “Build Bridges” Among Rock Fans

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Success is not an easy thing to come by in the music industry. From one genre to another, there are so many factors that play into the success of any musical act. For some acts, that success comes easily. For others it may never come, and for others still, it comes only with its own share of trials and tribulations. For rock act Cavo, success seemed to be all but gone after the release of its last album, 2012’s Thick as Thieves. This past year though, the band reformed after apparently having gone on a four-year hiatus, and recorded a new album, titled Bridges and even found a home for the album on independent record label Pavement Entertainment. Late last month, Pavement Entertainment released the 15-song, 61-minute album to the masses, giving Cavo a renewed chance at success — success that could easily happen for the band if it gets the attention and support that it rightfully deserves as is evidenced throughout the record. Right off the top, the band proves with ease that it deserves that support with the album’s opener ‘Nights.’ It will be discussed shortly. ‘On Your Own’ is another example of why Bridges deserves support whether from the mainstream radio realm or otherwise. It could help create success for the band just as much as ‘Nights.’ ‘Weather Rolls’ is yet another example of why Cavo is deserving of support and why Bridges in whole could help bring new success for Cavo. When each of the songs noted here are joined with the rest of the pieces not noted here, the result is a record that audiences will agree is a strong new effort from Cavo, and one that is deserving of every bit of attention that it gets.

St. Louis, Missouri-based rock outfit Cavo’s latest full-length studio recording Bridges is a record that, as noted, is deserving of every bit of attention that it gets. It is another of those recordings that shows clearly that independent labels and bands can and often do put out material that is just as good as that presented by their more well-known mainstream counterparts. This is proven right off the top of this album in the its opener ‘Nights.’ Musically speaking, ‘Nights’ is a work that instantly conjures thoughts of some of the biggest hits from The Killers, who themselves went from being an underground favorite to one of the mainstream’s biggest acts. Lyrically speaking, it grabs listeners with its seeming theme of knowing one’s limits and when to stop. This is inferred right from the song’s verse in which front man Casey Walker sings, “I know when it’s time to go/And I know when nobody knows/try to lay your money down/Lay your money down/I know when it’s time to leave/And I know what you want to be/Try to lay it on the line/Lay it on the line.” Walker seems to be commenting here on stopping before one gets ahead of one’s self, and does so through his own unique poetic way. There is little variance from here through to the song’s end. The only variance comes in the second verse in which Walker sings of an unidentified female being “lost in the shadows” because she “wont play in the sun.” Again, not playing in the sun and being lost could (doesn’t mean does) hint at not knowing one’s limits and the resultant effect. This is all just the interpretation of this critic and should not be taken as the only interpretation by any means. Regardless, that seeming theme of knowing one’s limitations seems to make at least some sense, and when coupled with the song’s musical arrangement, becomes very much a straight forward, matter-of-fact statement. If indeed it is the song’s theme, then it makes the song even more proof of why Cavo deserves every bit of attention that it gets and why the album is a strong new effort from Cavo. It is just one of the songs included in this album that shows what makes the record deserving of attention. ‘On Your Own’ is another of the album’s strong points.

‘On Your Own’ stands out first and foremost through its musical arrangement. Whereas ‘Nights’ boasts a relatively up-tempo arrangement at its center, ‘On Your Own’ is a more reserved composition. It is a work that clearly boasts a certain light, bluesy vibe akin to (believe it or not) music from John Mayer, Counting Crows, Marc Broussard and other similar acts. It is just a moving, gentle composition that is certain to touch any listener as it climes to its peak and then gradually declines again in its final moments. That impact is heightened even more as Walker sings here about what seems pretty obviously about a broken relationship. This is inferred as he sings in the song’s lead verse, “Turn down the silence/And just say what you mean/Some words unspoken/Are just falling between/And now that you’re leaving/Well, it’s calling me home/You say that’s a feeling/That nobody knows/No, you won’t get far on your own/No, you won’t get far all alone/So come on home.” That first statement in itself would seem to pretty clearly tell what is being discussed. If any doubt was left after that verse, then the second verse makes even clearer that pretty clear theme. Walker sings in the second verse, “If time is a healer/Turns water to wine/Changing your feelings/Like you’re changing your mind/I know you’ve got a reason/That it’s better off gone/but someday you’ll need it/When it matters the most/And I know the light won’t burn long.” There is a certain emotional pain that seems to be exhibited here and in the song’s lead verse. That pain is illustrated through the bittersweet vibe of the song’s musical arrangement. When the two are set alongside each other, the result is a song that just like ‘Nights’ stands out among the album’s other works, and shows even more why Bridges is another strong effort from Cavo. it is still not the last of the songs that shows the album’s strength. ‘Weather Rolls’ is one more example of what makes this album overall stand out.

‘Weather Rolls’ is another key addition to Bridges in part to its own musical arrangement. the heavy, guitar-driven arrangement easily likens itself to works (again, believe it or not) from the likes of Saliva, Audioslave, Alter Bridge and other hard rock acts. Considering the reserved vibe of ‘On Your Own,’ ‘Nights’ and so many of this album’s other songs, this arrangement can easily be said to be a stark departure for the band. That musical contrast makes the song stand out in the best way possible as part of the album. Of course its lyrical content can’t be ignored, either. Walker sings here, “I thought you were a city boy/I thought you made the loudest noise/Ahhh, but you don’t wanna see it go/Like the weather rolls/I fire round the countryside/I burrn through the darkest night/Ahhh, but you don’t want to see it go/Like the weather rolls/Tonight I’m chasing habits in the moonlight/I’m breaking promises in daylight/Go let it burn till they see it go/Ohhh fire in the city, nice/Ohhh safe until we see the light/Ahhh, but you don’t want to see it go/Like the weather rolls.” Walker refrains these lines throughout the rest of the song. This is certain to leave listeners thinking and talking perhaps more than any other song on the record. It seems like there’s a certain amount of personal strength and pride being displayed here. Again, this is just this critic’s own take, and could be wrong. Regardless, the power that seems to be displayed here alongside the power in the song’s musical arrangement makes this song stand out even more. When it is joined with the lyrical and musical content presented in ‘Nights,’ ‘On Your Own’ and the rest of the album’s featured songs, the end result is an album that, while not the band’s first effort, definitely is more proof that its reunion could have been the best decision that it made. That is because it could be the album that finally gets the band the attention that it obviously deserves whether from the mainstream or otherwise.

Cavo’s latest full-length studio recording, the band’s third so far and fourth overall (it released the EP Champagne early in its life), is some of the band’s best work to date and having been released some six years after its second album Thick As Thieves, was released, is a welcome return for the band. It is a record that proves the band to be one of the rock community’s underrated acts. As has been noted, that is proven through the likes of ‘Nights,’ ‘On Your Own’ and ‘Weather Rolls.’ Of course those are only some of the songs that serve to show how much Cavo still has to offer audiences nine years after the release of its debut album Bright Nights, Dark Days. When the noted songs are joined with the rest of the album’s works, the whole of Bridges proves to be a record that will “bridge” so many ranges of the rock realm. It is available now in stores and online. More information on Bridges is available online now along with the band’s latest news and more at:




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