Jackie Daytona’s New Record Shows Exactly Why Independent Acts Deserve Support

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Early this month, independent rock act Jackie Daytona released its new album She’s So Hot via Tremolo Records. The seven-song record is easily one of this year’s top new independent albums, and more proof that independent artists have just as much to offer audiences as their more well-known mainstream counterparts. This is evidenced right off the top in the record’s opener ‘Hot & Sweaty.’ It will be discussed shortly. ‘You’re So Good To Me’ is another of the record’s offerings that supports that statement. It will be discussed later. Much the same can be said of ‘California,’ which comes almost halfway through the record. Each of the songs noted here play their own part in proving how much Jackie Daytona has to offer audiences. The record’s other four offerings could just as easily be used here in place of these songs. When they are all joined, the whole of the songs leaves no doubt as to why this independent rock act deserves just as much attention as its more well-known, one time independent counterparts and a work that is easily one of this year’s top new independent albums.

Jackie Daytona’s new studio recording She’s So Hot is a work that proves the independent, Texas-based act is just as deserving of attention as any of its more well-known counterparts including the likes of Royal Blood, Jet and others. As a matter of fact, It is a record that presents Jackie Daytona as an act that is ready to join those bands in the mainstream realm. That is proven in part right from the record’s outset in ‘Hot & Sweaty.’ This simple, mid-tempo rocker is a solid start to the record and, thanks to its arrangement is sure to become a live favorite if it isn’t already so. The song’s arrangement opens with front man and band namesake Jackie Daytona singing alongside drummer Justin Robinson. That simple approach makes one want to instantly start pumping one’s fist in the air as Daytona sings. The addition of Daytona’s guitar line about 20 seconds in strengthens the arrangement even more. Of course as much as the song’s arrangement does for its presentation, it’s only one part of what makes the song stand out. Its lyrical content makes it just as fun. Daytona leaves little doubt as to the song’s lyrical subject matter as he sings in the song’s lead verse, “You got me hot/You got me sweaty/You got me willing/you got me ready/My heart is fast/My pace is steady/Can I get a witness…Do you wanna do some business/You’re lookin’ sassy/Like San Diego/Let’s keep it classy/I won’t tell/If you don’t ask me.” He goes on in similar fashion from here, and considering this, the song’s rather randy lyrical theme becomes clear. This is someone who has met a very attractive other person, and is trying to get that person’s attention to see where things go. It’s a very playful song needless to say. When the energy exhibited in the song’s upbeat arrangement couples with those no-nonsense lyrics, the end result here is a song that is certain to become a fan favorite not just live but overall. Considering that it also opens the record, it is just the start of the record’s positives. ‘You’re So Good To Me,’ the record’s penultimate track, is another example of what makes this offering so deserving of attention and support.

The musical arrangement at the center of ‘You’re So Good To Me’ is one part of what makes it stand out. On one hand, it is another simple arrangement that boasts a clear indie rock style sound. At the same time, what’s really interesting is that one could argue, Daytona’s bass line harkens back to bass lines that formed the foundations of so many Motown hits. It actually has that sort of sound about it. It sounds like an odd combination, but when audiences hear it for themselves, they will agree it is a sound that works, and puts a smile on their faces, too. Staying on that note (no pun intended), the song’s lyrical content is just as certain to put a smile on listeners’ faces. That is due to the positive nature of said material. Daytona sings in the song’s lead verse, “You’re kind of small/And you’re such a doll/I’m glad you’re mine/You’re so good to me/How come you are?/You take my hand/And you understand/When I get in a bad mood/You’re so good to me/You’re my baby/Oh yeah.” The song’s second verse is just as uplifting as its lead, with the song’s subject continuing to sing of the love interest’s positives. Given, on the surface it is just another love song. What makes it stand out is the simplicity in that lyrical content. There is no over-the-top metaphorical language or even attempts to be overly poetic. It is a straight forward statement that leaves no question as to what is being said. That in itself makes the lyrical content here just as important to this song as its musical arrangement. When the positive vibes exhibited in both sides combine as one, they create a solidly optimistic song that is just as certain as ‘Hot & Sweaty’ to become a fan favorite. To that end, that positive message and vibes presented in this song show even more why the album in whole is so deserving of attention and support. It still is not the last of the featured songs to support those statements. ‘California’ also serves to show what makes She’s So Hot a strong new effort from Jackie Daytona.

Just as with ‘Hot & Sweaty’ and ‘You’re So Good To Me,’ ‘California’ stands out as one of this record’s key additions in part because of its musical arrangement. Right from the get go, listeners will note that this song’s arrangement is starkly unlike any of its counterparts. One could argue here that there is a hint of a late 80s/early 90s pop rock influence exhibited in the light, guitar-driven arrangement. Interestingly enough, it’s obvious that a certain amount of thought was put into this arrangement. That’s because even with those seeming influences, this arrangement is just as infectious as any of the others presented throughout the course of the album. It’s so catchy in fact that it would be no surprise if the band chose this track as one of the album’s singles what with its radio ready sound and vibe. That statement speaks volumes in and of itself about the song and its arrangement. Of course, it’s just one part of what makes the song stand out. Its lyrical content helps it stand out, too. Daytona and Robinson sing here about California bringing a person down, telling an unseen figure to not let that happen. On the one hand, one could argue that maybe Daytona is being literal, focusing on what life on the West Coast (especially in California) can do to a person. On a deeper level, one could also argue that the use of California could be a metaphor for any difficult situation that would try to emotionally and psychologically bring one down. Regardless, the uplifting message about not giving up on life and giving it one’s all is itself another positive to the song in general. When it is coupled with the positive vibe exhibited in the song’s musical arrangement, the two elements together make the song one more stand out addition to She’s So Hot. When it is considered alongside ‘Hot & Sweaty,’ ‘You’re So Good To Me’ and the rest of the record’s songs not noted here, the end result is a record that proves in whole once more why this independent release is fully deserving of its share of attention and support and why independent music in general deserves support.

Jackie Daytona’s new album She’s So Hot is a standout new effort from the independent rock act. It is a record that, from start to end, is fully deserving of support and attention. It also serves as proof as to why independent acts deserve just as much attention and support as their more well-known counterparts, who were themselves at one point, independent. As has been pointed out there, songs such as ‘Hot & Sweaty,’ ‘You’re So Good To Me’ and ‘California’ each support those statements in their own way. When they are joined with the songs not noted here, the whole of the album proves — again — to be fully deserving of its own attention and support. Considering that, it also proves in whole to be one of the year’s top new independent albums. It is available now and can be purchased online direct via the band’s website. More information on She’s So Hot is also available online along with all of the band’s latest news at the band’s website and its social media pages:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jackiedaytona

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jackiedaytona

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