‘Days Of Future Passed Live’ Is A Welcome Addition To Any Moody Blues Fan’s Collection

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The wait for new live material from The Moody Blues is finally over.  After a long eight-year wait, the band finally released a new live recording for its fans in the form of Days of Future Passed Live.  Originally recorded during the veteran band’s two-night stint at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada on July 6 and 7, 2017, this recording is one that is certain to appeal easily to the band’s most devoted fans.  That is due in no small part to the history behind the tour from which this recording was taken.  It will be discussed shortly.  The concert’s overall set list is important in its own right to the recording’s overall presentation, and in turn, will be discussed a little bit later.  The band’s performance rounds out the most important of the recording’s whole.  When it is considered along with the recording’s set list and the tour’s back story, the whole of the elements makes this recording one that is certain to appeal in one way or another to any fan of The Moody Blues.

The Moody Blues’ new live recording – its first in eight years – Days of Future Passed Live is a presentation that is certain to appeal one way or another to any fan of The Moody Blues.  That applies both in the case of its CD and Blu-ray presentation.  The recordings appeal is due at least in part to the back story behind the tour from which the recording was taken.  The tour, which ran from June 3, 2017 to July 23, 2017 marked the first time ever that the band had ever performed its seminal album Days of Future Passed in its entirety in a live setting.  The decision to do that happened as the tour was a celebration of the album’s 50th anniversary.  One should keep in mind that DOFP was not the band’s debut album.  Rather, it was the band’s sophomore album, originally released in 1967.  Add in the clearly overwhelmingly positive reaction from the band’s fans, and the album’s longevity of sorts, its relevance and that of the band in general all these years later becomes quite clear.  In other words, it shows that the album and the band both have a clear place in the musical universe to this day.  In keeping this in mind, the story behind the concert’s recording proves a solid starting point for the recording.  That is thanks to the interest and discussion that it is certain to generate.  Even with this in mind, the recording’s back story is only one of its key elements.  The concert’s set list plays its own part in the recording’s overall appeal.

As has just been noted of this recording, it was one of many first time performances of Days of Future Passed live included in the band’s bigger tour celebrating the album’s 50th anniversary.  Audiences get to take in the album in whole and in its original sequence no less.  That’s not all that audiences get to enjoy, either.  Also included in the recording is an extensive look through the band’s career with nine songs from the band’s past.  As a little bit of history for those who might be less familiar than others with The Moody Blues’ body of work, the band has a total of 16 (yes, 16) full-length studio recordings.  This is important to note in that there’s no way – in celebrating Days of Future Passed – and the band’s overall body of work that its whole catalog could be represented here.  To the band’s defense, those tracks – plus the two bonus songs – make up representation of more than half of the band’s albums.  To be more precise, they represent a total of nine of the band’s albums.  That the whole of Days of Future Passed is here, too brings that count to 10.  While Days of Future Passed is the farthest back that the band reaches in this set list, it does go as far forward as 1991’s Keys of the Kingdom with the inclusion of ‘Say It With Love.’  All things considered, the whole of the recording’s set list gives audiences new and old alike a relatively vivid picture of the band’s body of work.  When this is considered along with the importance of the story behind the concert(s), both elements join to make even more clear why this recording will appeal to fans of The Moody Blues.  They are not the only items that make the recording stand out.  The band’s performance plays its own key part, too.

The band’s performance, as with any act’s performance, is critical to the recording because of its part in the recording’s general effects department so to speak.  Fans new and old alike will appreciate the ease in each song’s performance.  It’s obvious through those performances that no one member of the band is phoning it in, but that he is giving his best.  That’s the case even as the band seems so relaxed.  Front man/guitarist Justin Hayward exemplifies that relaxation as he works through each song and even occasionally interacts with the audience.  Bassist John Lodge and drummer Graeme Edge are just as enjoyable to hear as they breeze through their parts, too.  Each musician does his own part to make the concert enjoyable.  That is especially noted in the recording’s DVD and BD presentation.  All things considered, the band’s performance here does just as much to impress audiences as the show’s set list and the story behind the tour’s creation.  Each element is obviously important in its own right.  All things considered, they make Days of Future Passed Live a recording that – again – is certain to appeal to any truly devout Moody Blues fan.

The Moody Blues’ latest live recording Days of Future Passed Live is a recording that both on CD and DVD/BD is certain to appeal to the veteran rock band’s most devout fan base.  It may even impress audiences that might be less familiar with the band’s body of work.  That is due in part to the story behind the recording’s birth.  Obviously this is not the first time that a band has ever hit the road to mark the anniversary of an album’s release.  As a matter of fact, it seems like it’s becoming somewhat commonplace nowadays across the musical universe.  That aside, for the band to present the record in whole, in its original order and to couple it with a healthy does of its other albums strengthens its presentation even more.  Add in performances by the band’s members throughout and audiences get a recording that will appeal to Moody Blues fans of all ages.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Days of Future Passed Live is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:




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