Lovell’s Latest LP Is A “Wild-ly” Successful New Family Music Offering

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This past April, family entertainer Sara Lovell ended the wait for her new music when she released her latest album Wild Is Everywhere.  Her second full-length family music album (and fifth album overall), this 14-song record is yet another offering that will entertain the entire family.  As with her debut family album You’ve Got Me, that statement is supported in part through the varied musical arrangements presented throughout the album.  The equally varied lyrical themes play their own integral part to the album.  They will be discussed shortly.  The record’s sequencing puts the final touch to its presentation.  All things considered, they make Wild is Everywhere a wildly fun new family record from Sara Lovell.

Sara Lovell’s latest full-length studio recording Wild is Everywhere is a wildly successful new offering from the family entertainer.  It is a record that gives plenty of hope for her future as a family entertainer.  Those statements are both supported in part through the varied musical arrangements presented throughout this album. The album’s opener, ‘Get Up,’ instantly conjures thoughts of The Beatles thanks to its piano-driven arrangement.  More specifically, it seems to harken back to the days of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  There are elements of this arrangement that lends themselves easily to comparison to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’  Given, that song never made it to the album’s original pressing, but it was intended for inclusion in that record.  Getting back on track (no pun intended), the hip-hop vibe of ‘Rhinoceros Under The Bed’ conjures thoughts of some of today’s biggest pop and hip-hop acts while ‘Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie’ (doesn’t sound very appetizing does it?) boasts a bluegrass sound that will easily appeal to fans of that genre.  The jazzy a capella arrangement at the center of ‘Stand Together’ is a fun presentation that is so infectious. ‘Bounce’ will take older listeners back to the 1980s with its comparison to Gloria Estefan’s megahit ‘Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.’  As if all of this isn’t enough for listeners, there are comparisons to the likes of Paula Cole, Etta James and Billie Holiday in the album’s closer/title song and ‘How To Love Yourself’ respectively.  That’s still not the end of the enjoyment.  The spooky fun in the arrangement of ‘The Dark Side of My Room’ is sure to make listeners of all ages smile.  Meanwhile, ‘All The Grownups Get To Stay Up Late’ sounds like it belongs on some stage musical’s song list.  One could even argue that the arrangement at the center of ‘Where You Hiding All Day Long’ lends itself to a comparison to Delta Rae’s hit song ‘Bottom of the River.’  The prior is a bit more upbeat than the latter, but stylistically speaking, one can’t ignore the similarities between the two compositions.  Between that comparison, that of the other songs noted here (and those not noted here), the end result is the revelation that there is plenty for listeners of all ages to appreciate in this record’s musical side alone.  Even as much as this record offers musically, its musical arrangements are but a portion of what makes it so enjoyable.  Its equally diverse lyrical content offers just as much to enjoy.

The lyrical themes spread across Wild is Everywhere range from the down right silly to the more serious in a manner of speaking.  The silly includes the album’s second song, ‘Rhionceros Under The Bed,’ which sees a young child finding all kinds of animals in his/her house, not just a rhino.  The rhino is under the bed while a hippo is in the bathroom, a crocodile in the kitchen and cow in the pantry.  The whole time, the kid is trying to figure out how to get them out.  ‘Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie’ is just as silly in its very basis.  There is no such thing as the type of pie in this song, so it’s just fun and funny.  ‘Stand Together’ is more serious as it focuses on social unity.  ‘The Dark Side of My Room’ takes a light-hearted approach to a child’s fear of the dark in order to make the concept accessible to children while also not being scary.  ‘All The Grown Ups Get To Stay Up Late’ is one of the highest points of this album in regards to its lyrical content.  As noted already, this song sounds like something that belongs in a stage musical.  If one closes one’s eyes and listens, one can actually see an actor on stage singing this song, hand on his/her chin as he/she sits on a bed, singing.  The lamenting of children having to go to bed early while adults get to stay up late is something to which everybody can relate.  When we’re kids, we say the same things as this song’s subject, yet as we get older, we know we don’t necessarily get to stay up late all the time.  It’s just interesting, the way that Lovell approached the concept here.  Her approach has made the song infectious and memorable because it is just fun.  ‘How To Love Yourself’ is another key addition to the album, as it focuses through its smoky blues arrangement, on the matter of self-confidence.  Lovell sings about a person feeling so bad and needing to get past that negative feeling.  It’s a familiar topic, and the way in which Lovell approached it both lyrically and musically makes this song yet another key example of why the record’s lyrical diversity is pivotal to Wild is Everywhere’s body.  Between these examples of the rest of the album’s diverse lyrical content, it should be clear by now just how much this album’s lyrical diversity does for its presentation.  Even as much as the album’s lyrical content does to entertain, it still is not the last of the elements that plays into the album’s presentation.  The record’s sequencing puts the final touch to its whole.

From start to end, this record’s sequencing more than assures listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  That is because of the obvious time and thought put into said element.  This is evidenced as the album’s energy is so expertly balanced throughout.  From the mid-tempo compositions that make up the first portion of the album to the more reserved nature of ‘Pie in the Sky’ and the next trio of songs that make up the next section to the up and down in the finale grouping of songs, the songs’ energies are perfectly balanced. That’s just part of what makes the sequencing so important to note.  The change of styles and lyrical themes throughout makes the album just as engaging.  At no point does the album ever stick to one style or topic.  That constant variance keeps things interesting just as much as the stability in the album’s collective energy.  When all of this is considered together, it makes clear that the album’s sequencing is just as important as its songs, both in terms of its lyrical and musical content.  All things considered, they make Wild is Everywhere a wildly successful new album from Sara Lovell; one that is another easy candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.

Sara Lovell’s latest full-length studio recording Wild is Everywhere is a wildly successful new record that is one of this year’s top new family albums.  That is proven through the variance in the album’s musical and lyrical content, as has been noted here.  From hip-hop to pop to folk to even bluegrass and more, the album’s musical variety is certain to reach plenty of listeners.  The show tune style song about the gap between parents and kids in ‘All The Grownups Get To Stay Up Late,’ the socially conscious song that is ‘Stand Together,’ the encouragement to solve one’s problems in the aptly titled ‘The Problem Song’ and more serves to exemplify the variance in the album’s lyrical themes.  Throughout it all, the album’s energy is expertly balanced from one song to the next thanks to the time and thought put into the record’s sequencing.  This is evident both in the record’s music and lyrics.  Keeping all of this in mind, this 43-minute record proves to be a joy for the whole family.  To that end, the album in whole proves to be, again, a wildly successful effort for the whole family that deserves a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.  It is available now.  More information on Wild is Everywhere is available online now along with all of Sara Lovell’s latest new and more at:










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