Writing, Pricing Make PBS’ New “Dinosaur Train” DVD Another Success From The Hit Series

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All aboard! The dinosaur train is off on more adventures in a brand new Dinosaur Train DVD, Meeting New Friends.  Released June 12, this latest collection of episodes from the family favorite PBS Kids series is another fun set for audiences of all ages.  That is proven in part through the collection’s featured stories.  They will be discussed shortly.  The lessons that are taught through the stories are also important to discuss by connection.  They will be discussed a little later.  The DVD’s relatively affordable average price point rounds out the DVD’s most important elements.  It will be discussed a little later, too.  Each element is important in its own right, as will be pointed out here.  All things considered, they make Dinosaur Train: Meeting New Friends another wonderful, welcome ride on the Dinosaur Train for the whole family.

PBS Kids’ new Dinosaur Train DVD Meeting New Friends is another fun, welcome ride back in time that is sure to entertain and engage the whole family.  That is proven in part through the stories presented throughout this set.  All eight episodes follow the set’s central theme of making friends while continuing to introduce new species of prehistoric creatures.  The Pteranodon kids and their parents befriend a turtle and his friend Tommy, a prehistoric rodent who were washed onto the Pteranodon family’s home after a hurricane in “Rafting the Cretacious.”  It’s through this episode that young viewers are taught about hurricanes and animal dispersal as well as about certain creatures.  It’s fitting that this episode is included in this set, considering that the set has been released during hurricane season.  It’s a good starting point for discussions on said weather systems.  “Beating The Heat” presents its own story, which sees the Pteranodon kids learn about Stegosaurus’ plates.  Not to give anything away, but it turns out they actually have more than one use.  This is something that even adults will appreciate learning.  “Tiny and the Crocodile” introduces another prehistoric creature, this time a dangerous pre-historic crocodile.  These are just a few examples of why the stories included in this set are so important.  Between these stories and others not directly noted here, it becomes clear in watching this DVD that the stories themselves offer plenty for audiences of all ages to appreciate.  They are original and they follow one central theme (I.E. maintaining a certain continuity).  As much as this does to make the DVD’s viewing experience a pleasure, it is only part of what makes the DVD so positive.  The lessons tied into the stories are just as important to the DVD’s presentation as the episodes’ stories.

The lessons tied into the stories are so important to discuss because they don’t stick to just science.  Given, the science lessons are there.  That should not be mistaken.  However, they are not the only lessons presented in these episodes.  “Tiny and the Crocodile” teaches young viewers an important lesson about confronting things that scare you, and does so without going over the top in doing so at the same time.  It presents this lesson by having Tiny go to meet a giant crocodilian named Deanna Dinosuchas, who is the natural predator of Pteranodons.  Deanna is definitely an imposing creature, but Tiny doesn’t let that get to her, and ends up, of course, making a new friend in an unlikely creature.  That in itself leads to an even deeper lesson about never knowing what one can accomplish unless one tries.  To that end, these collective lessons in themselves go a long way toward showing why the lessons are so important.  “Double-Crested Trouble” teaches another important non-science lesson in the form of the importance of teamwork.  This lesson is taught as two Dilophosaurus brothers exhibit quite the sibling rivalry, to which the Pteranodon kids have to react before things get out of hand.  Obviously it ends well.  That’s to be expected.  The important matter is that this lesson would once continue the series’ ongoing tradition of adding non-science lessons into the standard science lessons. To a certain point, “Tiny’s Tiny Friend” also continues that tradition by promoting the lesson of compromise.  This argued lessons rises when a Cimolestes names Cindy (it looks kind of like a possum crossed with a ferret) takes Tiny’s spot on a tree.  Rather than just get mad, Tiny and her siblings work to find Cindy her own spot in the tree.  Of course, they succeed, too, and in the process, make another new friend in Cindy. It’s just one more way in which the lessons tied into these episodes prove to be so important to the DVD’s presentation overall.  When they are joined by the standard scientific lessons included in each episode, the whole of the lessons presents just as much for viewers to appreciate as the stories themselves.  Keeping this in mind, the stories in these episodes and their related lessons are both critical to the DVD’s whole, but are still not the only key elements to consider in what makes the DVD a success.  Its average price point plays into its success, too.

Using the country’s five biggest retailers – Target, Best Buy, Wal-mart, Amazon and PBS’ store – the average price point of this single-disc collection proves to be more than a little affordable.  Between the five outlets, that noted price sits at $8.21.  It is being listed least expensive – no surprise – at PBS’ online store – and a little more surprisingly – via Target.  Of course, this average price point is reached without adding in tax, shipping and handling.  It is just the base price.  Either way, the average price point of less than $10 for eight episodes is affordable for any viewer.  Simply put, at $8.21, that makes the unit price just over $1 per episode.  Again, this will appeal to any family because it is so budget friendly.  When it is considered along with the original stories and the mix of lessons tied into the stories, the whole of these elements goes a long way toward making DinosaurTrain: Meeting New Friends another new welcome DVD from the hit PBS Kids series.

PBS Kids’ new Dinosaur Train DVD, Meeting New Friends, is hardly the first collection of episodes to be released on DVD from the hit series.  At the same time, it is just as enjoyable and impressive as its predecessors.  That is proven in part through the eight original stories that make up the body of the DVD.  The lessons that are tied into the stories add even more depth and enjoyment to the DVD’s presentation.  When the set’s affordable average price point of less than $10 is considered along with the stories and lessons, the whole of the elements, all three elements prove to give audiences of all ages more than enough reason to add this DVD to their home video libraries.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on this and other Dinosaur Train DVDs is available online now along with printables, activities and more at:




Website: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtain

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DinosaurTrain




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