Atreyu Announces New Album Release Date; Debuts Two New Songs, New Video

Courtesy: Spinefarm Records

Atreyu will release its next album this fall, and in anticipation of its release, the veteran rock band has released not one, but two singles from the forthcoming record.

In Our Wake, the band’s seventh full-length studio recording, is currently scheduled to be released October 12 via Spinefarm Records.  In anticipation of its release, the band has debuted two songs from the album — the record’s title track and the song ‘Anger Left Behind.’

The title track is streaming through various online outlets now and can be ordered online now here.  Its video is streaming via YouTube. Front man Alex Varkatzas talked about In Our Wake‘s title track recently, saying that it was inspired by the loss of fellow rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

“It’s a deep one,” Varkatzas said of the song.  “We looked up to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, and their deaths were fresh during the writing process.  It made us think of what we’ll leave in our wake.  We have a choice to change the lives of others for the better.”

Bassist Porter McKnight explained the concept behind the ‘In Our Wake’ video.

“With this music video, we wanted our longtime director friend Sean Stiegemeie to come up with something completely unlike anything we’ve done before,” McKnight said.  “We wanted to leave the viewer with a feeling of “What the f*** did I just watch?” and then play it again to deduce what went down.”

McKnight added that the video’s visual concept mirrors the overall theme of the album’s title.

“Most of our videos have been story-based or life-based, but with this, we just wanted the subtle thread of humanity’s growth and decline,” McKnight said.  “It starts with water, then earth, nature, cityscapes then slowly decaying humanity.  We have a choice as a species to to start giving a s*** about ourselves and the world around us, and what we choose to make of this life.”

Drummer Brandon Saller agreed and expanded on McKnight’s thoughts.

“This album is sort of a happy place for Atreyu,” Saller said.  “We’ve gone down many roads.  We’ve always been a diverse band that tried new things, but this is different.  This is a whole new level.”

The release of In Our Wake will come a little more than a year after the release of its most recent album Long Live (2015).  That album was also released via Spinefarm Records.

More information on Atreyu’s new album, songs and more is available online now at:






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