‘NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine’ Eliminates All Doubt About Climate Change

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The issue of climate change is one of America’s most divisive topics today.  Between scientists and civilians, opinions on climate change have created a deep rift between Americans.  The deniers constantly claim that the planet’s climate is not changing and that humans are not to blame.  Those on the other side attest the exact opposite.  Now thanks to a recently released episode of PBS’ hit science-based series NOVA, — Decoding The Weather Machine — those raising the alarm about climate change and mankind’s influence on climate change have even more support for their arguments even as the deniers continue to hold firmly to their deluded beliefs.  That support is provided in large part to the program’s primary presentation, which will be discussed shortly.  The program’s overall construction – its transitions and related pacing – play into the program’s presentation, too.  It will be discussed a little later.  The single-disc presentation’s average price point rounds out its most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to the whole of this release.  All things considered, this two-hour presentation is a powerful and convincing warning about what is currently happening to Earth and a reminder that it is not too late for the planet or for Earth.

NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine is one of the most powerful discussions on the issue of climate change that has been released in recent years.  The in-depth program leaves no doubt – despite deniers’ own beliefs – that climate change is real, and that mankind is in fact playing a part in what is happening to the weather, and in turn to Earth.  As has been noted, that is due in no small part to the discussions that make up the program’s primary presentation.  Over the course of the two-hour presentation, academics and scientists alike discuss the roles that Mother Nature and mankind alike play in climate change.  They do admit that climate change has been happening for eons, but in the same breath, prove through extensive discussion that it has been increasing dramatically ever since the start of the industrial revolution.  From there, the discussions turn to a focus on the obvious rise in the number of wildfires in the west, Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic and the equally obvious decline of the polar ice caps, and even decrease in sea ice in the Antarctic to prove the effects of that continued rise in the earth’s temperature and carbon dioxide levels.  Audiences are also taken to areas, such as Norfolk, VA and the Falkland Islands to illustrate the impact of the world’s rising ocean levels.  Between those illustrations of the impact of climate change and the evidence exhibited throughout the first half of the program, it becomes painfully clear that climate change deniers have no case in their arguments.  It shows climate change is in fact very real and very much an issue that must be addressed now.

Speaking of being addressed now, the second half of the program addresses just that.  It reminds audiences that if mankind starts making changes now, it can avoid a very bleak future.  It points out that the best way to avoid that potentially bleak future is to adapt and mitigate now, adding that thankfully there are those who are already mitigating.  Case in point is the rise in the use of solar and wind power discussed in this portion of the program.  Some scientists are even finding ways to recycle carbon dioxide and put it to use for mankind while even profiting from that use.  The end result is not only profit, but also a decline in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which also means less heating of the atmosphere, and in turn less damage to Earth.  As if that is not enough, in America’s heartland, one farmer shows that non-tilling of fields is another way in which mitigation is helping decrease carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  In turn, it is also making soil on farmland richer, despite how the land might look.  Simply put, the program shows just as clearly how mitigation and adaptation can help humans make a positive change in Earth’s future as it does how mankind has played a direct part in speeding up Earth’s natural climate change.  It reminds audiences that the future does not have to be bleak.  Keeping this in mind, the primary program of NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine creates a solid foundation for the program’s presentation.  The program’s overall presentation strengthens that foundation even more.

The construction of NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine strengthens the program’s foundation because of its ability to keep viewers engaged throughout.  This is even despite any clear segment breaks.  From one segment to the next, the transitions are just clear enough that audiences are not left wondering where the topic changes from one item to the next.  The program starts off by focusing on the earth’s atmosphere (air) before moving to the planet’s oceans (water) and then to the land (earth & fire), connecting each portion smoothly.  As noted previously, the program also focuses on the changes that can be made to avoid a bleak future.  Even the transition to the discussions on what mankind can do in order to create a better future for the planet is smooth in its own right.  Through it all, those smooth transitions keep the program’s pacing stable throughout, ensuring even more, viewers’ engagement.  Given, segment breaks would have been a nice addition to the program.  Either way, the manner in which the program was constructed – both in regards to its transitions and pacing – builds on the foundation formed by the program’s main presentation, and strengthens it even more.  The end result is a program that, despite its two-hour run time, is still a powerful work that is certain to keep viewers engaged, and in turn, remind audiences that mankind is in fact impacting climate change.  Keeping all of this in mind, the DVD’s average price point proves to make the program’s purchase money well spent.

The average price point of NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine – using prices from PBS’ store, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million – is approximately $18.84.  That is a relatively affordable price considering the amount of evidence presented here of climate change’s reality, and the reality of mankind’s role in the increasingly dramatic impacts of climate change.  When considering the relatively smooth transitions from one discussion to the next along with the material featured in the main presentation, it becomes even more affordable.  To that end, this must-see episode of NOVA proves to be solid proof that despite what some people want to believe, climate change is very real, and mankind’s impact on that natural process is just as real.

The latest episode of PBS’ hit science-based series NOVA is one of the series’ most important episodes to be released in recent memory.  That is because it proves without a doubt that climate change is real, and that humans’ role in climate change is just as real as climate change itself.  The program’s overall construction ensures with ease that that viewers remain engaged so that that message is received, and clearly at that.  The DVD’s relatively affordable average price point ensures even more that viewers’ will receive that important message about climate change and its impact on the planet.  Each item is clearly important in its own right to the whole of this DVD, as has been pointed out above.  All things considered, they make NOVA: Decoding The Weather Machine a presentation that everybody should see at least once.  It is available now.  More information on this and other episodes of NOVA is available online now at:




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