‘Retaliation’ Is A Strong Start For Hyvmine’s Sophomore Album

Courtesy: Seek & Strike

Up-and-coming hard rock band Hyvmine is hard at work in the studio on its sophomore album.  In anticipation of the as-yet-untitled record’s release, the band will release the album’s debut single ‘Retaliation’ next month.  Its planned release comes a little more than four months after the band released its new EP Fight or Flight, and is a positive first preview of the album.  That is due in part to its musical arrangement, which will be discussed shortly.  The song’s lyrical content couples with the arrangement to add even more depth and interest to its presentation.  The song’s production rounds out the most important of its elements.  Each element is crucial in its own way to the whole of the single.  All things considered, they make ‘Retaliation’ a strong new offering from Hyvmine album that definitely succeeds in building anticipation for its new album.

The musical arrangement presented in ‘Retaliation’ is important to note because it is such a stark departure from the more familiar prog-metal sound presented in its 2016 debut Earthquake.  The guitars, electronics and vocals of front man Al Joseph show clear similarities to the best works of Sevendust, Stone Sour and Trivium just to name a few bands.  Just as interesting to note is the guitar riff featured in the song’s bridge.  That riff actually lends itself at least slightly to some of Eddie Van Halen’s best guitar solos.  How’s that for a comparison?  Meanwhile, the secondary guitar line of Alon Mei-Tai and low-end from bassist Chris Joseph fleshes out the arrangement even more alongside the work of the band’s unlisted session drummer. Between all of that and the more modern influences put on display throughout the course of the song’s four-and-a-half-minute run time, audiences get a song here that shows a new direction for Hyvmine; a direction that could help break the band into the mainstream, and make it one of the next big names in the hard rock community.

The power in the arrangement at the center of ‘Retaliation’ in itself gives listeners plenty to appreciate about the song, and it is only one of the song’s important elements.  The song’s lyrical content plays its own important part to the song’s presentation as its musical arrangement.  Joseph sings here, “Your master plan’s a waste of time/I’m right behind/You’re never getting out alive/You’re a fool/You can’t complete with me/Tapped in your blood while you were wasting precious energy/You’ll see your wasted time/I’ve come to take your life.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “You broke the rules/You crossed the sea/You’ve made your own contraption/Well no one else can hear you scream/Don’t ever waste my time/Before I waste your life.”  This is a straight forward message that is driven home even more in the second chorus as Joseph sings, “I got a calling/And I can’t afford to waste my time/So enough with this falling/And I can’t afford to get out of line/Don’t care for your reasons/They never amount to what you’ll find/So shut your mouth/You’d best be still/’Cause I’m built to kill.”  This comes across as someone who has been wronged in some way and is not going to put up with the other person’s behavior any longer.  It is full on, proud defiance from the song’s subject, and displays a strong will.  Considering the number of people who have been in a situation very similar to this, it is certain to reach a wide range of listeners.  When this is considered along with the song’s driving melodic hard rock arrangement, the song becomes in whole, a positive preview of Hyvmine’s upcoming album.  Even with this in mind, the song’s content is only part of what makes it a positive new offering from the band.  The song’s production is just as important to note as its overall content.

The production at the center of ‘Retaliation’ is important to note because it is that work that brings everything together.  It can be said with ease that the song’s production is just as positive as its overall content, too.  The call and response effect used for some of the vocal lines between the verses and choruses supports that statement.  The way in which Joseph’s vocals are layered in order to create that call and response effect is a great effect.  On another level, the distortion added to the guitars adds its own depth to the song, too.  Overall, the balance of the instruments and Joseph’s vocals proves impressive in its own right.  Some might see this as a given, but the fact of the matter is that there are bands whose songs have proven not that great because they were not that well produced.  The vocals are washed out by the instruments or vice versa.  They are rare, but not overly rare.  Thankfully that is not the case with this song.  The production keeps everything very well-balanced throughout the almost five-minute song.  The end result of that attention to detail is a song that is easy on the ears not just because of the music, but because of the work of those behind the glass.  When this is considered along with the fully relatable lyrical content, the whole of the song proves that much more to be a positive start for the band in its new album.  One can only hope that the success of this song will continue with the rest of the album when it is finally released next year.

Hyvmine’s new single ‘Retaliation’ is a strong start for the band’s as-yet-untitled forthcoming sophomore album.  That is proven in part through a musical arrangement that shows the band has grown from its debut, and done so unapologetically at that.  The song’s lyrical content supports that statement even more.  That is because the situation portrayed in the lyrics is such that listeners will be able to relate.  The song’s production puts the final touch to the song, making it that much easier on the ears.  Each item is important in its own way to the whole of ‘Retaliation.’  All things considered, they give listeners reason to be cautiously optimistic about the band’s as-yet-untitled forthcoming sophomore album.  More information on ‘Retaliation’ is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.hyvmine.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hyvmineband

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Hyvmineband




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