Bloodywood Tackles Bullying With New Music Video

Bloodywood debuted the video for its new single this week.

The New Delhi, India-based hard rock band premiered the video for its new single ‘Endurant‘ on Tuesday.  The video follows the life of a young man who is bullied time and again, yet never fights back, opting instead to take a different path.

That visualization illustrates the song’s lyrical message, which band member Karan Katiyar explained centers on the issue of bullying and how to deal with the problem.

“‘Endurant’ is a song for those who’ve faced or continue to face bullying in any aspect of life,” Katiyar said.  “We wanted to be as realistic and practical as possible with our message, which is why the song urges to endure and come out stronger rather than retaliate or fight back with force.  The video, while maintaining the message of the song, also tries to establish that bullies are not another breed.”

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

The debut of ‘Endurant’ comes almost a year after the band first gaining acclaim in the United States with its rendition of the Indian Folk Song ‘Ari Ari,’ which like ‘Endurant,’ crosses traditional Indian musical elements with Western hard rock and metal elements for a unique whole.

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