Bravo Delta’s Debut LP Might Be The Record That “Breaks” The Band Into The Mainstream

Courtesy: Bravo Delta Music/O’Donnell Music Group

Independent rock band Bravo Delta released its latest studio recording early this month.  The 13-song, 42-minute Unbreakable is the band’s third overall studio recording but its very first full-length album, coming on the heels of its EPs Sunset Wasteland in 2012 and Shutdown Sequence in 2013.  Considering that almost six years have passed since the band released its most recent studio recording, the band’s latest offering marks a good return for the band and a good way to start the year, too.  That is because this record holds its own easily against its more well-known counterparts, such as Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold and Breaking Benjamin at least in terms of its musical content.  Its lyrical content helps validate it even more.  Each statement is proven in part through the song ‘Dark Room,’ which will be discussed shortly.  The collective that is ‘Lost At Sea’ and ‘Dreamless Sleep’ is another of the album’s featured moments that serves to show the strength of Unbreakable.  It will be discussed a little later.  Much the same can be said of the album’s opener/title track/lead single.  It will also be discussed later.  Each of the songs noted here is key in its own way to the whole of Unbreakable.  When they are considered along with the remainder of the album’s songs, the end result is a record that given the right support, can easily make Bravo Delta famous.

Bravo Delta’s debut album Unbreakable is a work that, given the right support, could be the work that breaks the band into the mainstream.  It is a record that will easily appeal to fans of bands, such as Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and other similar acts.  This is proven in part through the song ‘Dark Room.’  The song’s musical arrangement is a heavy, down-tuned composition that sounds very much akin to so many works from the noted bands – especially from Breaking Benjamin, with its down-tuned bass, mid-tempo guitar line and soaring vocals from front man Brandon Davis.  The song’s musical arrangement is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  Its lyrical content follows the album’s central theme of overcoming life’s obstacles, which Davis discussed in a recent interview.

Davis said of the noted theme, “Being broken, disconnected, kicked to the ground…and still having the will to get up, fight and learn from it is the spirit of Unbreakable, and I think you can feel that in the music, the artwork and everything about this new album.”  Again, the lyrical content at the center of ‘Dark Room’ follows that theme, as Davis sings, “I’m sitting in the dark room/Trying to find some air/asking myself questions/But I don’t seem to care/I’ve lost the taste for comfort/I’m wrapped up in this fear/To move would be a challenge/I need somebody here/Will you be there with me/Will you hear my call/Is anyone still breathing/Does anyone believe that we still care/Are any hearts still beating/I hope someone feels the same.”  Here in this lead verse is someone looking at the world and feeling alone, asking for help.  It is that very message of being broken, wanting to have that will to get up and fight.  The theme continues in the song’s second verse, as Davis sings, “I’m told to take the white pill/I’m told there is no way/It’s not a switch you turn off/It might not go away/Alone I’ll stand beside me/Nobody else is there/A world of interaction/An empty space out there/Will you be there with me/Will you catch my fall/Is anyone still breathing/Does anyone believe that we still care/Are any hearts still beating/I hope someone feels the same.”  He goes on in this second chorus to sing that “I choose to fight/to overcome” “when all is numb…”  From there, the song proceeds into its bridge and finale, complete with bombastic guitar solo in the bridge that, again, conjures comparisons to works from the likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Breaking Benjamin.  That noted lyrical content, again, plays right along with the album’s overall theme, clearly.  This is someone in a very dark, difficult position, questioning if anyone in the world still cares about anything, but no matter what, refusing to become one of the masses, instead standing defiantly and proudly.  The overall image from the musical and lyrical content is quite the “gloomcore” presence, yet is actually a very positive work.  That is because the music illustrates the feeling of desperation within the song’s subject.  Keeping all of this in mind, the song is a good example of what makes Unbreakable a good debut for Bravo Delta.  It is just one of the songs that serves to show the album’s strength.  The collective that is ‘Lost At Sea’ and ‘Dreamless Sleep’ is another way in which this record proves itself a solid start for Bravo Delta.

The collective that is ‘Lost at Sea’ and ‘Dream less Sleep’ is an important part of Unbreakable as they are in fact one whole work, just divided into the three movements.  The opus starts out with  the familiar “gloomcore” sound already noted of ‘Dark Room.’ However, as the song progresses, however as it moves in to the second portion of ‘Lost at Sea,’ the vibe changes to a more AX7 type sound that wastes no time getting listeners to put their horns high in the air.  The use of the harmonics and echo effects together in this full-on instrumental movement adds even more impact to the old school riffs.  The opus’ final movement, which is also an instrumental work, puts the finishing touches to the whole as it fades away, closing out the song.  The whole of the three movements together makes the overall composition a work that is one of this record’s highest points.  That arrangement is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The lyrical content presented in the song’s first movement adds its own interest to the song.

Davis sings in the song’s lead verse, “Adrift/And half-asleep/But alive/the open water chills me/And I may not survive/the ocean floor is alive/I hear her calling my name/Well I’m lost at sea/She calls me in/Her voice it blinds my eyes/Haven’t slept for days/Now she’s close/I see her eyes beneath the waves/She’s bound to pull me in/My fears are growing like the rising tide/The ocean floor is alive/I hear her calling my name/When I’m lost at sea/She calls me in/Her voice it blinds my eyes/Beneath the crashing waves/I can hear her song/Draws me down beside her.”  The aggression that builds from that point on comes sans lyrics, but once can infer that the fiery energy in the arrangement is the song’s subject is not giving up despite a desperate situation.  The gradual reduction in the energy in the final movement seems to hint at perhaps success in that determination.  Hopefully that is the case, considering that only the first movement of this work boasts any lyrics.  Regardless, the energy in those instrumental movements and the feeling of desperation in the song’s lead movement definitely stands out collectively, and in turn proves to be another strong point for this album.  It is not the last of the album’s strongest points, either.  The record’s opener/title track/lead single is yet another of the album’s most notable works.

In terms of its musical content, ‘Unbreakable’ is just as radio ready as any of the other songs featured throughout the course of Unbreakable.  Its driving guitar line and equally solid time keeping conjures thoughts of plenty of other more well-known hard rock acts.  The energy in the arrangement helps to illustrate the urgency (of sorts) in the song’s lyrical content.  The song’s lyrical content once again runs that same line of the album’s overall theme.  This is proven as Davis sings, “True strength is found in time s we never thought we’d know/What defines us is how well we rise/After falling down/All that we take/Why can’t we live just to give it away/Long live the day/Long live the nights we are digging our graves/Unbreakable.”  This is a direct, straight-forward message.  He is saying here that we all have strength within ourselves, we just need to find it.  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse to sing, “We’ve been down and buried…you’re not alone/There’s others just like you/You will fight together/All that we take/Why can’t we live just to give it away/Long live the day/Long live the nights we are digging our graves.”  Again, this is a message to listeners to not let themselves get down. Davis comes right out and tells listeners “you are not alone.”  Yet again, there is that message of overcoming adversity and life’s obstacles in general.  When one considers all of this along with the notes of the other songs discussed here — and those not directly discussed – the album in whole shows that it truly does follow that central theme of hope in dark and difficult times.  The album’s arrangements couple with that message to make the album that much more accessible to a wide range of audiences.  Overall, the accessibility of the record, thanks to its musical and lyrical content makes it a strong new effort from Bravo Delta, and a good start for the band in terms of full-length recordings.

Bravo Delta’s debut album (and third overall studio recording) Unbreakable is a good new effort from the up-and-coming Las Vegas-based band.  That is due to a positive message of hope that is presented in a relatively accessible fashion through the record’s musical and lyrical content.  That statement is supported through each of the songs examined in this review.  The same can be said of the remaining 10 songs that make up the rest of the record.  Simply put, from start to finish, the album holds its own against works from Bravo Delta’s more well-known counterparts.  As a matter of fact, Unbreakable could be the record that, thanks to its overall content, breaks Bravo Delta into the mainstream.  More information on Unbreakable is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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