Time Life’s Robin Williams Profile Is A “Genius” Tribute To A Legendary Entertainer

Courtesy: Time Life

Robin Williams is one of the greatest figures in the modern history of entertainment.  From his early career in the 70s in San Francisco to his later years, Williams offered smiles, laughs and even deep emotional feelings to audiences around the world.  That is why his death in 2014 is one of the greatest losses that the world has ever suffered.  Finding a way to pay tribute to such a legendary figure could not have been easy for anyone to do, but late last year, Time Life released a wonderful tribute Williams in the form of the new 22-disc collection Robin Williams: Comic Genius.  This tribute to a man who truly was a comic genius, is one that every fan of the late great entertainer will appreciate.  That is proven in part through the very content that is presented throughout the set.  It will be discussed shortly.  The program guide included with the set strengthens the foundation formed by the set’s content.  It will be discussed a little later.  The formats on which the set is available put the final touch to the set’s presentation.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Robin Williams: Comic Genius.  All things considered, they make this collection a genius choice for any Robin Williams fan, regardless of which set said fans choose.

Time Life’s new Robin Williams profile, Comic Genius is a fitting tribute to the late, great entertainer.  That is proven in part through the set’s collective content.  The content featured in this expansive set includes performances from Williams’ earliest days in San Francisco, full-length episodes of his timeless sci-fi sitcom Mork & Mindy, appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tonight Show and even full-length stand-up specials and far more.  Audiences get to experience Williams’ evolution as an entertainer through all of the noted content.  It is interesting to see how nervous Williams obviously was so early in his career and how confident he eventually became in watching through the set.  That is one of the ways in which the content proves so important.  On top of that, the majority of the content is full-length content.  There are some pieces that were edited, such as one of his early San Francisco shows.  It was edited in order to focus only on his set.  The same applies with some of the SNL material.  The band performances are edited out, but that is not that much of a loss.  The full-length “Weapons of Self Destruction” performance is yet another way in which the content proves so important to the set’s presentation.  Originally recorded in 2009 in the nation’s capitol, the special finds Williams at the top of his game, sharing nonstop jokes about politics, the nation’s social state at the time and various other items.  His pacing throughout the course of the roughly 90-minute presentation is solid from start to finish, as are the transitions from one subject to the next.  It should be noted here that the noted special is not family friendly (nor are many of his appearances).  Interestingly enough, that in itself is key to discuss in examining the set’s overall content.  That is because while there is a lot of explicit content presented throughout the set, there is also some more family friendly material (I.E. the Mork & Mindy episodes).  Simply put, that contrast of his more explicit material and more family friendly content, alongside the overall profile of his personal and professional growth, makes this overall presentation one that is an expansive, in-depth presentation of who Robin Williams was.  It creates a whole new appreciation for all that he did over the course of his career to entertain the masses.  This shows overall why the content presented throughout this set is so important to the set’s presentation.  It thoroughly illustrates everything that made (and still makes) Williams a legend.  It is just one part of what makes this collection so enjoyable.  The program guide that comes with the set is just as important to the presentation as the primary content.

The program guides that are featured with Robin Williams: Comic Genius are important to the set’s whole in that they clearly outline the contents of each disc.  This allows audiences to know specifically what content is on which disc.  This saves plenty of time when trying to decide which disc a person wants to watch.  Many people discount this item, but in reality it is very important.  As if listing the general content is not enough, the guides also point out the original air date of each presentation within the bigger set.  This is nothing new from Time Life, and is just as welcome here as ever.  It gives the set a little more depth with that little history tidbit of sorts.  When this is considered along with the set’s general content, the whole of the items makes for plenty of enjoyment for audiences and plenty of reason to own either set.  While each element is critical in its own right to the overall presentation of Robin Williams: Comic Genius, they are just part of what makes this set so appealing.  Its availability on more than one platform adds to its presentation.

Robin Williams: Comic Genius is available on separate 12-disc and 22-disc sets.  The 12-disc set is spread across two discs while the 22-disc set is even more expansive, obviously.  Of course the 22-disc set is more expensive than the 12-disc set.  However, the extra money is money well-spent.  That is because it gives an even more thorough examination of Williams’ career on the big and small screen.  Regardless of which platform one chooses, audiences will still get plenty of entertainment and engagement from every disc and every presentation.  Audiences will see Williams’ roots, his late career and plenty in-between.  In other words, regardless of which set audiences purchase, audiences will have plenty to appreciate and enjoy, as has been evidenced here.  Simply put, regardless of which set one buys, audiences will agree that the set in general is a genius tribute to a comic genius.

Time Life’s recently released tribute to Robin Williams is a wonderful profile of one of the greatest entertainers in the modern history of entertainment. As noted in this review, that is due in part to the overall content presented throughout each of the set’s platforms.  The content shows Williams’ evolution as a performer while also showing his family friendly and more explicit side.  The program guides that compliment the content helps make choosing the content easy for audiences.  The fact that the set is available on two separate platforms – a 12-disc and 22-disc set – gives audiences options, and regardless of audiences’ choice, they will be ensured plenty of entertainment and engagement time and again.  Robin Williams: Comic Genius is available now.  More information on this and other titles from Time Life is available online now at:




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