Pricing, Packaging Saves 20th Century Fox’s Latest ‘Lost In Space’ Release

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

Early this month, 29th Century Fox re-issued CBS’ classic science fiction action adventure series Lost In Space on DVD.  This new re-issue came a little more than three years after the series’ Blu-ray release, which was also distributed by 20th Century Fox.  It sadly is proof, though, that 20th Century Fox is itself still a little bit lost when it comes to giving this timeless series a fully proper home release.  It is not a total loss, however. The biggest positive of all to this set is its pricing.  This will be discussed shortly.  While the set’s pricing is clearly a positive, the bonus content proves to be a negative, compared to the bonus content presented in the series’ Blu-ray set.  This will be discussed a little later.  While the bonus content proves an issue for this re-issue of Lost in Space’s complete series presentation, it is not enough to make the set unwatchable.  Keeping this in mind, it is really the set’s only true con.  The set’s packaging is another positive to note, again in comparison to the series’ previous Blu-ray release.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the set.  All things considered, 20th Century Fox’s new DVD re-issue of Lost in Space: The Complete Series is an improvement over the company’s previous Blu-ray release of the series.

20th Century Fox’s recent re-issue of Lost in Space: The Complete Series is a sign that while the company itself still seems slightly lost on how to finally give fans of the classic series a proper release of the show, it is at least a move in the right direction for the organization.  This is proven in part through the average price point of the series.  The DVD set’s average price point is $29.49.  That is in comparison to the average price point of $74.52 for the Blu-ray set.  The DVD’s price point was a little tricky to pinpoint as the set is not listed on Walmart’s web store, yet it is available in store at Walmart’s brick and mortar stores.  It is however, listed online at the stores for Amazon, Best Buy and Books-A-Million.  The Blu-ray set, which was met with quite a bit of blowback for its packaging – which will be discussed a little later – is listed at the stores at Amazon and Walmart.  The DVD set’s price in store at Walmart is only $19.99.  With tax, that puts the set’s price at just over $20, which is not a bad price at all considering the primary and bonus content presented in the DVD set.  The primary content featured here is the series’ full 83-episode run, complete with previously unaired pilot episode.  That unaired pilot is also included in the set’s BD release.  The bonus content is relatively limited, especially in comparison to the series’ BD set, but the bonus “Lost in Space Forever” featurette is entertaining and enlightening in its own right.  All of the bonus content will be discussed a little later.  Getting back on topic, the collective primary and secondary content presented in the DVD re-issue of Lost in Space: The Complete Series makes the set’s average price point not too bad.  That is especially in comparison to the average price point of its BD counterpart and so many of its counterparts and contemporaries currently available in stores and online.

The average price point of the DVD re-issue of Lost in Space: The Complete Series is a positive for consumers as it is a point that is affordable for any fan of the series.  The bonus content presented here – or rather, not presented – likely plays into that price.  It is limited here in comparison to the bonus content presented in the set’s BD release back in 2015.  The only real notable bonus content presented in the new DVD set is the roughly half-hour-long featurette “Lost in Space Forever.”  It features famed actor John Laroquette (Night Court) as the host, taking audiences through the history of the series and the movie that eventually followed from New Line Cinema in 1998.  Audiences will be interested to learn through this featurette what led Lost in Space the series to eventually become as campy as it did in its second and third seasons.  Not to give away too much, but it has to do with competition at the time from another show on another network.  Audiences also learn what eventually led to the series’ cancellation: the same factors that leads to so many series’ ending.  If that is not enough, audiences also learn through this featurette, who the actors were behind one of the series’ most beloved characters, the robot, and about the change of characters’ focus in the writing as the series progressed.  Between all of that and much more, the program proves quite entertaining.  Sadly, it is really the only positive bonus content featured in this set, other than the previously noted unaired pilot.  Other than those two bonuses, there is little else to appreciate here.  The rest of the bonuses are just TV spots for the series.  In comparison, the Blu-ray set featured the series’ 1973 animated special (which is also discussed in this set’s bonus material), an audio interview with the series’ creator Irwin Allen and two full-length documentaries about the series, along with the noted pilot and even more bonus content.  One cannot help but wonder why 20th Century Fox did not transfer those bonuses over to this DVD set for audiences who perhaps could not afford the BD set or who do not own a Blu-ray player.  It definitely detracts from the set’s presentation.  Luckily though, it does not detract from the set’s presentation so much that it makes the set a complete loss.  That is because it is the set’s only con.  One area in which this set improved over its BD counterpart is its packaging.  That packaging, together, with the pricing, does just enough to save the set.

The packaging used in the DVD presentation of Lost in Space: The Complete Series is critical to note because it takes a completely different path from that of the series’ BD set.  The 17 discs that make up this set are housed in a clamshell case, inside which are plates on which the discs sit on either side.  One disc is placed on one side while another is on the other side.  One is on the top of the plate, and the other on the bottom.  This is crucial because it is actually wise packaging.  It might make for a bulky package, but it protects the discs from any potential of damage.  In comparison, the discs housed in the BD set were placed in cardboard sleeves inside the case, which offered absolutely no protection at all for the discs.  This is multi-disc packaging done right, and a sign that maybe 20th Century Fox took a cue from Shout! Factory, considering that said company has led the way for years in multi-disc packaging.  Now if only CBS and Paramount would follow suit since they have released so many of their series lately in large clamshell cases.  Simply put, the packaging for this set might not be overly flashy, unlike that of the series’ BD release, but it is smart this time around.  20th Century Fox can be commended for making that move for audiences.  When one considers this along with the set’s relatively affordable price point, the end result is a set that while still not a perfect presentation of a timeless series, is an improvement from its predecessor.  That is despite the issues raised by its bonus content.

20th Century Fox’s recently released DVD box set of Lost in Space: The Complete Series is an improvement over the company’s previous 2015 Blu-ray release of the series.  It shows that while the company is still slightly lost over how to present a proper release of the timeless series, it is at least moving in the right direction.  That is proven in part through the set’s average price point, which is affordable for any viewer in comparison to the price of the series’ Blul-ray release.  The packaging, also in comparison to that BD set, is another move in the right direction.  The only real con to the whole thing is its overall lack of worthwhile bonus content.  Keeping all of this in mind, this set is a slight improvement over its predecessor, but still leaves one wanting for more.  More information on this and other titles from 20th Century Fox is available online now at:








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