Sleepkillers Debuts ‘Drown’ Video

Courtesy: MSO PR

Hard rock super group Sleepkillers debuted its latest on Monday.

The band — Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd, Burn Season), Sam Rivers (Limp Bizkit), Bobby Amarus (Saliva) and ADam Latiff (ex-Puddle of Mudd) — debuted the video for its new single ‘Drown‘ on Monday.  The video — directed by David Borges — follows Starkey as his character efforts to save a young boy (maybe his son?) from a murderous cult.

The video opens with a shot of Starkey looking at himself in a bathroom mirror before fading to a shot of possibly himself in a forest, looking at blood on his hands, before walking away from a dead body.  It is hinted that the body is that of the boy whom he is trying to save.

Cut to a shot of a woman handing out a flyer portraying Starkey’s character and the boy in a store, with Starkey’s character listed as a suspect in a kidnapping and a clerk pointing out that the Starkey’s character was just in the store.

Things get even more intense from there, eventually leading to the revelation that maybe Starkey’s character is not the bad guy that he is being made out to be.

The visualization, while certain to generate plenty of discussion, would seem to work in line with the song’s lyrical content, which finds Starkey singing in the lead verse, “I don’t wanna hide/I don’t wanna be/Crawling on the ground like you/Lost in my head/Drown in what you said/Some things can never be undone/You’re so empty/I feel nothing.”

He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Hey, you can’t be what you’re not/Pretending that you’re God/Do you hear me screaming/Take, take every word you say/Lie and shoot ’em right at me/Can you hear me scream?”

He goes on in verse three to sing, “I don’t wanna lie/I can never be/Buried in the fight with you/Broken inside, but I’m not scared to die/For something that I know is true.”

The video for ‘Drown’ comes four months after the band debuted the video for its debut single ‘Dirty Foot.’  Both songs are featured on the band’s self-titled debut album, which is available now here.

More information on Sleepkillers’ new album, video and more is available online now at:






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