Shout! Factory’s New Anime Import Will Generate Plenty Of Noise

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory is bringing the Japanese coming-age-age story A Silent Voice to American audiences.  Set for release on Tuesday on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, the almost two-and-a-half-hour movie is a stirring tale of redemption that will engage and entertain anime fans just as much as it will those who might not typically be interested in the very niche genre.  That is due in part to that story, which will be discussed shortly.  While the story’s appeal is far-reaching, it does suffer from at least one problem in its pacing, which will be discussed a little later.  The movie’s average price point plays its own important part to its presentation, and will also be addressed later.  Each item noted here plays its own important part to the whole of A Silent Voice.  All things considered, A Silent Voice is certain to generate plenty of discussion among audiences.

Shout! Factory’s new anime import A Silent Voice is a cinematic offering that is certain to generate plenty of discussion among audiences.  That includes the most devoted anime fans and even those who are generally not as interested in the very niche genre.  That is due in part to the movie’s story, which follows a young high school student named Shoya Ishida as he tries to make amends for bullying a former classmate years earlier in their middle school.  Shoya bullied the girl, Shoko Nishimiya, along with a group of his friends just because she is deaf.  The end result is that Shoko’s mother ends up transferring her to another school, and Shoko ends up being ostracized by his own friends.  The result of what happens to Shoya leads him to have a revelation that at first turns him suicidal.  However, after his failed attempt to take his own life, he realizes that it is his mission to right the wrongs caused by him and his friends.  The story does have a happy ending.  As a matter of fact, one could almost make a biblical comparison of sorts to the story’s end and a certain story from the Bible interestingly enough.  However, along the way, the story’s progression is so emotionally heavy that audiences will definitely have to be in a certain frame of mind in order to watch through the whole thing.  That is not to say the story is unwatchable, but rather that it is simply that deep and heavy.  Staying on that track, coming-of-age stories and tales of redemption are nothing new to the movie industry in the Western and Eastern hemispheres.  However, the way in which the story’s writing team crafted those two interweaving story elements in this case is an intriguing new approach.  That in itself makes the movie worth the watch.  While the movie’s central story does plenty to keep viewers engaged and entertained, it does suffer from one problem – its pacing.

The run time of A Silent Voice is two hours and 10 minutes.  A lot of things happen over the course of that run time.  There is also a lot of jumping around in terms of time frame from one scene to the next.  There are points at which the story could have easily wrapped up, but instead, it keeps going. While these issues do not leave audiences checking their watches, it does create enough of a problem that viewers will recognize the noted issues and wonder when the nearly two-and-a-half-hour story will finally end.  Luckily, as much of an issue as the pacing is for the overall presentation of A Silent Voice, it is not so overly prominent that it makes the movie unwatchable either.  It is just another example of what often can and does happen when multiple people have their hands in the proverbial writing pot for any movie, whether Asian, American or from somewhere else.  Keeping all of this in mind, A Silent Voice is still worth an occasional watch when audiences are in the right mindset, especially considering the movie’s average price point.

The average price point for the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack release of A Silent Voice is $20.69.  The average price for its DVD standalone release is $12.48.  Those prices were obtained using listings at Shout! Factory’s story and those of Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  The movie was not listed at Books-A-Million, but the book series on which the movie is based was listed there.  Neither price is a bank buster, so to speak.  What’s more, the story at the center of the movie actually stands out from so many anime movies.  What’s more, while it is emotionally deep and heavy, it is still relatively accessible for its target audiences.  That accessibility, coupled with the depth of the story, makes it a movie that is worth at least an occasional watch.  That being the case, whether one buys the movie on DVD or on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, the price paid is money well-spent.  Keeping all of this in mind, A Silent Voice proves itself to be itself a worthwhile investment among drama fans and anime fans alike.

Shout! Factory’s forthcoming home release of the anime import A Silent Voice is a work that is certain to generate plenty of discussion among its target audiences.  That is proven in part through a story that stands out among so many of its anime counterparts.  The dual coming-of-age/redemption story at the movie’s center is emotionally deep and heavy.  It is not a movie that one can simply sit down and watch.  It is one of those works that requires a proper mindset in order for audiences to fully appreciate.  While the story is certain to keep audiences engaged and entertained, its pacing is a little bit problematic, but not so much that it makes the movie unwatchable.  To that end, the movie’s relatively affordable price point on DVD and BD/DVD combo pack makes it a worthwhile investment among drama and anime fans.  It will be available Tuesday.  More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:













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