PBS Kids’ New ‘Ready Jet Go!’ DVD Is Another “Shining” Offering

Courtesy: PBS Distribution

PBS Kids’ hit science-based series Ready Jet Go! has only aired two seasons since its premiere three years ago.  In the short time that the series has been on the air, it has garnered plenty of audiences.  It has also resulted in a series of compilation DVDs along the way, the latest of which – Chasing the Sun – was released just last month.  That latest DVD, released April 9, is another positive offering from PBS Distribution.  That is proven in part through the DVD’s episodes, which will be addressed shortly.  The secondary content contained within the episodes also plays into the DVD’s presentation, and will be discussed a little bit later.  The DVD’s average price point is just as important to note as its overall content.  Each item noted here is important in its own right to the whole of Ready Jet Go!: Chasing The Sun.  All things considered, they make this DVD another collection from the series that while maybe not as hot as the sun itself, is still a collection that shines.  Yes, that awful pun was intended.

PBS Distribution’s new Ready Jet Go! collection Chasing the Sun is another positive offering from the company.  That is due in part to the episodes that are featured in the collection.  Unlike the series’ previous DVDs, this collection features eight episodes instead of four, which was previously the normal for the series’ DVDs.  Featuring double the episodes also means double the entertainment and education for children.  Speaking of that education, the primary content featured within the episodes features mainly on the sun.  At times, it does get slightly redundant with first Mindy not believing the sun is a star in the episode “Just The Right Distance From The Sun” and then another of Jet’s friends believing the Earth’s sun is the only sun in the universe in “Our Sun is a Star.”  The redundancy continues in “Mindy’s Bedtime” and ‘Galileo, Galileo!”  Each episode centers on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, just in a slightly different way.  Luckily that slight variation makes the lessons just new enough that they are not exact mirror images of one another.  There are also episodes whose lessons stand alone from the others, such as “Sunspot’s Sunspot,” “How We Found Your Sun” and “Solar Power Rover.”  “Sunspot’s Sunspot” introduces viewers of all ages to sunspots (and solar flares), how they are created and how they impact Earth. “How We Found Your Sun” explains how signals travel in space while “Solar Power Rover” explains how the sun can power anything from lights on our homes to electronic devices on other planets.  Simply put, even with the slight redundancy that is evident throughout the episodes, the content and lessons are just varied enough that they will keep young viewers engaged and entertained.  That may not apply if they are expected to sit through the DVD’s full 100-minute run time in one sitting, but they will remain engaged and entertained in smaller stints.  The primary content featured in the episodes is just one item that stands out in examining the episodes.  Their secondary content plays its own important part in the DVD’s overall presentation.

The secondary content featured in the DVD’s episodes is important to discuss because of what it adds to the foundation formed by the primary content.  “Galileo, Galileo!” is, on its surface, a history about famed astronomer Galileo.  It presents a brief but accessible lesson about Galileo and his contributions to the science of astronomy.  On another level, it offers a starting point for lessons about overcoming the all-too-familiar issue of stage fright.  It does this by having Jet’s friend focus primarily on that history than on his own fear of performing.  It’s a familiar theme that has been used in so many family friendly TV shows, but having it incorporated into this setting keeps it at least relatively fresh.  “Tree House Observatory” presents a secondary lesson about creating one’s own telescope and doing one’s own star watching.  It makes for a good starting point for families and teachers alike looking for a way to branch out the education presented in the lesson into a who new reach.  “Solar Power Rover” presents a clear message about the importance of using solar power instead of electricity and other non-renewable resources.  The message is not so intentional as it could have been, but it is there.  Again, this can serve as a starting point for a deeper discussion on renewable versus non-renewable resources.  It is just one more example of how the secondary content presented in Ready Jet Go!: Chasing The Sun plays its own key part in the DVD’s whole.  When all of the secondary content noted here is considered along with the rest of the disc’s secondary content and the primary content, the whole of that material gives audiences more than enough to appreciate.  Keeping that in mind, the DVD’s average price proves to be money well-spent.

The average price point for Ready Jet Go!: Chasing The Sun is $9.50.  That price was obtained using listings at PBS’ store, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  The DVD was not listed at Books-A-Million’s site at the time of this posting.  The most commonly listed – and least expensive — price for the DVD is $8.69, at Amazon, Walmart and Target. The most expensive listing is at PBS’ store, at $12.99, so that is well above the average price point.  Now even though PBS’ price is the most expensive, any money spent at other outlets will still go back in part to PBS.  So regardless of which outlet one uses, a portion of the sales will go back to PBS to help continue providing programming for audiences.  What’s more, regardless of which outlet one uses, the prices listed clearly will not break any viewer’s budget.  Coupling that with the amount of content that is featured throughout the DVD and audiences get a presentation in this disc that is yet another positive offering from PBS Distribution.

PBS Distribution’s latest Ready Jet Go! is another positive offering from the company and the series.  That is due in part to the primary content featured throughout the disc’s eight episodes and the fact that eight episodes are featured instead of four, which was previously the standard for the series’ DVD releases.  The secondary content featured within each episode adds more interest to the DVD’s presentation.  The disc’s average price point proves a value especially considering the amount of content featured throughout the disc.  Each item is important in its own way to the whole of Ready Jet Go!: Chasing The Sun.  All things considered, they make the DVD another “shining” presentation from the series and from PBS Distribution.  It is available now.  More information on the DVD is available online along with more episodes of Ready Jet Go!, games, activities, printables and more at:




Website: http://pbskids.org/readyjetgo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialReadyJetGo




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