Set It Off Debuts ‘Hourglass’ Video

Courtesy: Fearless Records

Set It Off debuted the music video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Hourglass‘  Friday.  The video finds the band’s front man Cody Carson in a desert setting, visited by a not so nice figure and a group of robed women who don’t seem to mean him any good as he sings about the choices we make in life.  The song’s musical arrangement is such that it will fit easily into any mainstream Top 40 radio programmer’s list.

A picture held by an elderly gentleman at the video’s opening hints that the setting is a purgatory — a place where the soul goes to make amends for the sins of life.  Considering the seeming message of the song’s lyrical theme, the setting would seem to fit.

‘Hourglass’ is just the latest entry in Set It Off’s current list of songs to be released from its latest album.  Prior to its release, the band also released the singles ‘Midnight Thoughts,’ ‘For You Forever,’ ‘Dancing With The Devil,’ ‘Lonely Dance‘ and ‘Killer in the Mirror.’

The full track listing for Midnight is noted below.

1. “Killer In The Mirror”
2. “Hourglass”
3. “Lonely Dance”
4. “Different Songs”
5. “For You Forever”
6. “Dancing With The Devil”
7. “Go To Bed Angry” [feat. Wayfarers]
8. “Midnight Thoughts”
9. “Criminal Minds”
10. “No Disrespect”
11. “Stitch Me Up”
12. “Raise No Fool”
13. “I Want You (Gone)” [feat. Matt Appleton]
14. “Unopened Windows”
15. “Happy All The Time” [feat. Skyler Acord]

More information on Set It Off’s new single, tour, album and more is available online now at:






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