Eagle Rock’s New Alan Jackson Profile Will Appeal To Country Music Fans In Towns Of All Sizes

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Country music star Alan Jackson has done it all, it seems, over the course of his career.  He has sold more than 80 million records, reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot Singles & Tracks Chart at least 35 times, received two Grammy® Awards 16 Country Music Association Awards, 17 Academy of Country Music Awards, and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame just to name a handful of accomplishments.  His albums have gone platinum no fewer than nine times, to boot.  He has played at the Grand Ole Opry multiple times, too.  All of this was accomplished by a man whose roots go back to a small southern town, so it makes sense that that is the title of Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new profile of Jackson, Small Town Southern Man.  Released late last month, the 90-minute documentary tells the story of Jackson’s life and career from his childhood in a small Georgia town to his reaching the peak of his career, becoming a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  That story forms the foundation of the documentary and will be addressed shortly.  The documentary’s editing is just as worth noting as the story itself.  The doc’s average price point proves to be money well-spent considering the editing and story.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of Small Town Southern Man.  All things considered, they make the documentary a presentation that proves big things can, and often do, come in small packages.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recently released Alan Jackson profile Small Town Southern Man is a presentation that will appeal just as much to Jackson’s fans as it will to country music fans in general.  That is due in large part to the story at the center of the documentary.  The story follows Jackson’s life and career from his humble beginnings in a small Georgia town to his nationwide fame, now decades into his career.  The story is told through the words of Jackson’s family and friends, including, but not limited to his parents and sisters, fellow musicians and executives at his label.  Audiences learn early on in the story that it was Jackson’s second hit single, not his first, that broke him into the mainstream.  It’s hardly the first time that such a scenario has happened for a band or a performer.  That is important to note because it serves as one more reminder that in the entertainment industry, it takes work to gain any level of success.  Success doesn’t always happen on the first try.  As the story progresses, viewers also learn that ‘Chattahoochie,’ another of Jackson’s hit singles, almost did not happen.  Those with knowledge of the story explain how the song stood out, at the time, from so much other country music, especially as it pertained to the song’s video, and the long term impact of the song.  It is pointed out that some of Jackson’s songs were written by people other than himself, but additionally pointed out that he still wrote the majority of his songs, and has still managed quite the success even with that balance.  As if all of that is not enough, viewers also hear from other well-known country music figures about their own view of his role in their development.  Jackson himself is featured through a series of vintage interviews to add even more to the story, enhancing the story even more.  The story at the center of Small Town Southern Man goes a long way toward making the DVD a positive offering from Eagle Rock Entertainment for Jackson’s fans and those of country music in general.  It is just one part of what makes the DVD a positive offering.  The story’s editing adds to its interest in its own right.

The editing that went into Small Town Southern Man deserves its own share of attention as it did a lot to help tell the story at the documentary’s center.  The live footage featured throughout the documentary make for solid transition points, cutting at just the right moments to help tell the story.  The division of the interviews throughout the course of the program shows the amount of time and effort put into making sure the story flows as well as possible, too.  Viewers will also appreciate the precise placement of the pictures and music video segments in their connection to the story.  They start and stop at all of the right points, and are used at all of the right spots to help keep viewers engaged and entertained.  What’s more, their use at those points plays into the program’s pacing, too.  This is important to note in that there are certain points as the story progresses where it feels that it should have ended but didn’t end.  Luckily, the editors’ work in assembling the story helped make up for the problem of those non-endings, keeping viewers watching even as the story continues past those points.  That is a strong statement about the editors’ talents.  Keeping all of this in mind, the work of the doc’s editors couples with the story directly to prove even more why this presentation will appeal to country music fans in general and Alan Jackson fans.  Considering that deep appeal, it makes the DVD’s average price point money well-spent for the noted viewers.

The average price point for Small Town Southern Man is $7.86.  That price is obtained by averaging prices at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Best Buy.  At the time of this review’s posting, the DVD was not listed at Target and Books-A-Million.  Considering the fact that other standard documentaries on DVD can range from $15 and up, a DVD documentary that does not even break the $10 level – even within its own listing at the noted retailers – is even more positive for the DVD.  Given, there is no bonus content featured with the DVD, but the fact that there is no extra content makes that price point all the more acceptable and affordable.  To that end, the pricing is the proverbial cherry on top for this DVD.  It is one more way in which the DVD establishes its appeal to the noted audiences.  When it is considered with the DVD’s content and editing, the whole of the elements makes Small Town Southern Man a presentation that Alan Jackson and country music fans in every town will enjoy.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s new Alan Jackson documentary Small Town Southern Man is a positive new offering for Jackson’s fans and for country music fans alike.  That is made evident in part through the DVD’s story, which establishes the DVD’s foundation.  That program’s editing goes a long way toward ensuring viewers’ engagement and entertainment, too.  Considering that content and editing, the DVD’s average (and separate) price point of less than $10 makes this a DVD that any country music fan and Alan Jackson fan can afford.  Those fans will also appreciate that lower price point, in comparison to the prices of other similar style DVDs from other companies on other topics that have the same amount of content.  Each item is important in its own way to the whole of the DVD.  All things considered, they make the DVD a presentation that Alan Jackson and country music fans in every town big and small will appreciate.  Small Town Southern Man is available now.  More information on the DVD is available online now along with all of Alan Jackson’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.alanjackson.com

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