Three New PBS Kids Titles Available Now Through PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

PBS Distribution released three new titles for the whole family this month.

Released July 9 were Ready Jet Go!: One Small Step and ArthurArthur Celebrates Community.  The first of the two titles was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.  It features a special hour-long episode that looks back at the historic moon landing mission after Jet tells his friends that he has built a new super saucer.

The announcement leads Jet and his friends to the moon, and a rough  landing on the moon leads Jet and Sunspot to go missing, leading his friends to search for the pair.  In the process of the search, Jet’s friends find things left behind by the Apollo 11 mission.

Ready Jet Go!One Small Step can be ordered online at PBS’ online store now.  Ready Jet Go! games, activities and printables are available online at:





Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

ArthurArthur Celebrates Community features four episodes from the beloved animated series that teach invaluable lessons about compassion, civility, honesty and open-mindedness.  One of those lessons comes in the form of “When Rivals Come To Roost,” which finds the students of Lakewood Elementary having to share their school — and science fair secrets — with the students of Mighty Mountain after the school floods.

The episode’s second story, “The Longest Eleven Minutes,” finds Muffy having to deal with the internet going out as she obsesses over her blog.

The controversial “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone” is also featured in this new collection.  This episode finds everyone’s grumpy Lakewood teacher tying the knot, but not to who they might think.

Also featured in this collection are the stories, “The Feud,” “House Guests,” “Binky Can’t Always Get What He Wants,” “Muffy’s Car Campaign” and “Truth or Poll.”

ArthurArthur Celebrates Community is available now through PBS’ online store.  Lots of Arthur activities, printables and activities are available online now at:






Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

On July 16, PBS Distribution released a brand new collection of classic episodes from the beloved series Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in the form of Mr. Rogers NeighborhoodWould You Be Mine Collection.  This second collection of classic episodes features 30 more episodes from the series, spread across four discs.

One of the series’ most beloved episodes, “A Visit to the Crayon Factory” is featured as a bonus in this collection.  Also appearing in the collection are famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, equally famous performance group STOMP and Olympian Suzie McConnell.  The set’s run time tops 14 hours, giving the whole family lots of entertainment.

Mr. Rogers NeighborhoodWould You Be Mine Collection is available now through PBS’ online store.  More fun for the whole family is available through activities, printable and games at:





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