PBS Distribution’s New ‘Ready Jet Go!’ DVD Is One Big Joy For Audiences Of All Ages

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Fifty years ago last month, one of the most historic events in the history of mankind took place – the first moon landing.  Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first – and only – humans to step foot on the surface of the moon.  This past month, the world stopped and watched once again, just as it did all those years ago, to commemorate the momentous event.  As part of the commemoration of the lunar landing, PBS Distribution released a brand new DVD from its hit science-based PBS Kids series Ready Jet Go! fittingly titled One Small Step.  The DVD features three episodes that coincide with the moon landing that will entertain and engage audiences of all ages.  They form the foundation of the DVD, and will be discussed shortly.  The lessons that are connected with the DVD make for their own share of interest to the DVD’s presentation and will be addressed a little bit later on.  The primary and secondary content featured within the confines of One Small Step makes this DVD a presentation that will hopefully have younger viewers once again wanting to be astronauts instead of YouTube stars, and will have grown-ups remembering their own joy of wanting to go to the stars.  In all this DVD will certainly entertain and engage viewers of all ages, but will hopefully re-ignite (yes, that pun was intended) the awe and wonder which we as a people once held of America’s space program, as we examine the possibility of one day returning to the moon or even traveling farther into the galaxy.

PBS Distribution’s recently released Ready Jet Go! DVD One Small Step is a wonderful new addition to the shows’ ongoing series of DVD releases.  It is a presentation that will most certainly entertain viewers of all ages while also engaging and educating said audiences.  That is due in no small part to the stories featured in each of the DVD’s three featured episodes.  The DVD’s title episode features the disc’s longest story.  It follows Jet and his human friends as they celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing.  The recollections lead Jet to reveal to his friends, his own “super saucer,” which the kids use to take a trip to the moon together.  There’s just one problem, Jet doesn’t fully know how to operate the vehicle, leading him to accidentally crash land on the moon.  The crash landing might not be such a bad thing in the long run, though.  As Sydney and Jet 2 work to repair the saucer – this is subtle, but an important element.  It will be addressed in the discussion on the DVD’s lessons – Sean and Mindy explore the moon’s surface, ultimately finding the footprints left by Aldrin and Armstrong, as well as the platform on which the lunar lander sat before lifting off to return to the command module.  In the end, the kids return safely to Earth, happily recalling their own momentous moon landing.

The DVD’s second episode, “Earth Mission To Moon” is a standard length story.  This story is another that finds Jet and company taking a trip to the moon.  Chronologically, it was not the first time the kids went to the moon.  Neither was “One Small Step,” either.  The first time the kids went to the moon was in the episode “How Come The Moon Has Craters?” – Season 1 Episode 5.  The kids go to the moon to find out why it is full of craters.  Getting back on track, “Earth Mission To Moon” finds the kids headed to the moon as they re-enact the Apollo 11 moon landing, and return to Earth. This time, they make the trip with the companionship of Jet’s mom.  Along the way, viewers get to see a side-by-side comparison of the kids’ trip to the original Apollo 11 mission from beginning to end.  The footage does not run through the entire episode, but just at specific points.  That aside, it is another great way to celebrate the moon landing.

The third and final episode featured in One Small Step is “Mindy’s Moon Mission.”  It’s Mindy’s birthday in this episode.  Mindy gets a special gift that lets her feel like she’s on the moon.  As a result of that gift, Jet and the gang head to the moon for a game of lunar soccer.  It’s one more celebration of all things lunar.  This is just one more example of the entertainment that audiences will get through the stories featured in One Small Step.  While the DVD’s entertainment factor goes a long way toward making the DVD’s presentation positive, it is just one of the elements that serves that purpose.  The lessons that compliment the stories add even more appeal for audiences.

Each of the stories featured within this DVD presents plenty of entertainment for audiences of all ages.  Of course, the stories alone are just one part of what makes One Small Step another appealing Ready Jet Go! offering from PBS Distribution.  The lessons that accompany the stories add even more appeal to the DVD’s presentation.  One important lesson incorporated into the DVD’s content presents a message of female empowerment.  It comes in the DVD’s title story.  As Mindy and Shawn are out exploring the moon, Sydney works with Jet 2 to fix Jet’s “super saucer.”  Whether the incorporation of this message into the story was intentional is left up to the show’s writers to tell, but it is there.  Showing a female (of any age) doing any kind of mechanical work, such as working on a vehicle, is extremely rare, even in the 21st Century, let alone an African-American female.  To that end, the portrayal of Sydney taking on the task of fixing a machine created by a male is something that will certainly appeal to so many female viewers.  What’s more, it is also a message that promotes women getting involved in science, technology, engineering and math in general.  That will create even more appeal.

As the first story ends, it transitions to one of the show’s live action segments.  This time, Amy Meisner shows a young girl and guy how astronauts eat in space.  This is a basic lesson, but it still offers its own educational content.  The lesson in the second story is a full-on lesson about space travel that promotes space science.  The very promotion of space science (and science in general) is crucial in an age in which young people care more about being social media stars than stars of the scientific realm.  Again, here is even more appeal.

The lesson at the center of the DVD’s final story is another basic presentation, but still enjoyable for young viewers to learn.  It presents once again, the lesson about weight variances on the galaxy’s various celestial bodies.  This time the lesson is presented as Mindy enjoys bouncing on her inflatable attraction.  It is a basic lesson, but still an important lesson nonetheless, and presented in an accessible fashion for young viewers.  Keeping that in mind, it adds its own share of that engagement and entertainment for said viewers.  When the engagement from this lesson is considered with the engagement (and discussion) that the other noted lessons will generate, the whole of that content undeniably shows why it is important in its own right to the whole of One Small Step.  When it is considered along with the value of the DVD’s primary content – the stories – the whole of that primary and secondary content makes the DVD’s average price point more money well-spent.

The combined primary and secondary content featured within One Small Step does a lot to make the DVD another positive entry in the ongoing series of DVDs released from Ready Jet Go!.  Keeping that in mind, it makes the DVD’s average price point money well-spent.  The average price point for this DVD is $7.58.  That price is obtained using prices listed at PBS’ store, at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Books-A-Million, Amazon and Barnes& Noble Booksellers.  The most expensive price listing is at PBS’ store at $9.99 while the least expensive listing is at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at $4.99.  While PBS’ price may be the most expensive at the time of this review’s posting, the fact of the matter is that even at $10, that is still money well spent, considering families will have the entertainment and education to enjoy any time they want.  Going back to the noted content, that is a lot of entertainment and education, even in just three episodes.  Keeping all of this in mind, the average price point for Ready Jet Go!: One Small Step is a price that is affordable and will hardly break any viewer’s bank.  When this is considered along with the overall content, the DVD in whole proves to be one big joy for audiences of all ages.

PBS Distribution’s recently released Ready Jet Go! DVD One Small Step is one big success for the show and for PBS and PBS Distribution.  That is due in part to the stories at the center of each of the disc’s three episodes.  Two of the three stories pay direct tribute to the Apollo 11 anniversary while the other simply presents a fun lesson about the differences in gravities on different celestial bodies.  Speaking of lessons, the lessons tied into the episodes add even more appeal to the DVD’s presentation.  They combine with the stories to make the DVD’s average price point of less than $10 anything but a budget breaker.  Keeping that in mind, the DVD has a lot for audiences to appreciate.  To that end, the DVD in whole proves itself to be one big joy for audiences of all ages.  It is available now.  More information on Ready Jet Go!: One Small Step is available online now along with lots of Ready Jet Go! games, activities, printables and more at:



Website: http://pbskids.org/readyjetgo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialReadyJetGo




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