PBS Distribution Adding More ‘Ready Jet Go!’ Episodes To Its PBS Kids Prime Video Channel

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS Kids/PBS

More episodes of PBS Kids’ hit series Ready Jet Go! are coming to the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.

Ready Jet Go! Volume 10 will start streaming the six-episode collection Oct. 11.  The latest volume features episodes, such as “My Three Suns/Magnet PI,” “Moon Face/Lone Star 2,” and “Water, Water Everywhere/Commander Cressida Story Contest.”

“Moon Face” finds Jet and his young friends exploring what makes it look like the moon has a face while “Lone Star 2” building their own rocket while Sydney explains how Lone Star created the first rockets.

“My Three Suns” features a lesson about the planet Proxima B, which has three suns after clouds keep jet and his friends from playing a game of Shadow Tag.  Meanwhile Face 9000 tries its hand at comedy.  The short’s companion, “Magnet PI” finds Sean trying his hand at magic as “The Great Seanzo.”

“Water, Water Everywhere” features a story that follows Jet and company around the Earth, discovering all the ways and places where and how water is found.  the kids help Sydney write a Commander Cressida story in it’s companion episode, “Commander Cressida Story Contest.”

The other episodes featured in this volume are “Freebird”/”Sean’s Robotic Arm,” “Ain’t No Mars Mountain High Enough/”Treasure Hunt” and “Earth, Wind And Flyer”/”Mini-Golf.”

Ready Jet Go! news, games, activities and printables are available online now at:


Website: http://psbkids.org/readyjetgo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialReadyJetGo


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