Arrow Video’s ‘Robocop’ Director’s Cut Re-issue Adds Greatly To The Movie’s Legacy

Courtesy: Arrow Video

Fans of Orion Pictures’ classic science fiction action flick Robocop will get a special treat early next year with the release of the Director’s Cut of the movie on Blu-ray.  Scheduled for release on Feb. 11 through Arrow Video, this latest re-issue of the 1987 classic is a presentation that will appeal to the movie’s most devoted audiences.  That is due in large part to the bonus content featured this time out.  It will be addressed shortly.  The general presentation of the movie adds to that appeal and will be addressed a little later.  The movie’s average price point is money well spent by the noted audiences.  It will be addressed later, too.  Each item noted is crucial in its own way to the whole of Robocop: Director’s Cut.  All things considered, they make this latest presentation of Robocop a must have for the noted audiences.

Arrow Video’s forthcoming Blu-ray re-issue of Robocop is the best treatment of the classic sci-fi action flick to have seen the light of day so far.  It is a presentation that will appeal easily to the movie’s most devoted audiences.  That is due in no small part to the re-issue’s collective bonus content.  Featured in this release are a series of new bonuses focused on the movie’s soundtrack, its creation, the preservation of its props and its cinematography (and other new bonuses) along with archived extras, such as an Easter egg presentation about Director Paul Verhoeven’s appearance in the movie, deleted scenes and more.  The new bonus features give audiences much to appreciate in their own right.  Audiences learn in the new bonus “Creating Robocop” a lot of new information.  One of the most intriguing tidbits that audiences learn through this feature, which finds the movie’s co-writer Michael Miner discussing the movie’s creation, is that the movie originally received an “X” rating from the MPAA.  That was largely because of the excessive blood, gore and violence.  Miner explains that he and the movie’s other creative heads had to make a lot of changes just to get the movie down to an “R” rating.  That would explain the reasoning for presenting this Director’s Cut.  It gives audiences Robocop in its original, unedited format.  Miner also discusses during his feature, the plot elements incorporated into the script, such as predatory capitalism, workers’ unions and the sociological aspect of the story.  As if that is not enough, he also reveals that if not for director Paul Verhoeven’s wife, the movie might never have even become a reality.  That will be left for audiences to discover for themselves.

The discussion on the movie’s soundtrack, another new addition to this release, finds a variety of figures discussing the attention that composer Basil Poledouris gave to the movie’s soundtrack.  Audiences learn that Poledouris went to painstaking efforts to make sure that the movie’s orchestral composition worked not just as an extra to the story, but as part of the story. It is explained that he made sure the music would rise and fall precisely with the story’s action right down to the second.  The respect shown to Poledouris for his work on the movie’s soundtrack, coupled with the explanations of the time and effort put in to the soundtrack’s creation gives audiences a whole new appreciation for this aspect of the movie.

The discussion by Robocop “super-fan” Julien Dumont on his reasoning for collection adds its own share of interest in that it is not just another profile of a movie’s super-fan.  Dumont points out in his interview that he collected the props not just from Robocop, but its sequels, too, and that he collected them not for himself, but to preserve the legacy of those who took part in the trilogy’s creation.  He even points out that some of the items he has collected reside today, in a cinema museum in France for everyone to see.  That is proof positive that he is not just a super-fan.  Rather, it shows that he is a super-fan who wants to share his love of the Robocop trilogy with everyone.  That shows a real love and respect for the work put in by those responsible for the creation of Robocop and its sequels.  He even has the script from Robocop, and points out the final scene that is presented in the final product is not the original ending.  The original ending is actually featured as one of the deleted scenes, which are also featured in this release.

The original final scene of Robocop actually finds Murphy’s partner, Officer Lewis, recovering from her wounds in a hospital bed, being interviewed by the press.  That scene cuts to the news anchors who are used throughout the movie, offering support to law enforcement.  It’s just one of the deleted scenes featured with the movie’s re-issue.  It adds a new touch to the movie’s presentation.  When the deleted scenes, which are previously released, are coupled with the rest of the movie’s new and archived extras, the whole of the bonus content makes this re-issue more than worth the money paid for the presentation.  That item – the re-issue’s price point – will be addressed later.  Before touching on that item, the actual presentation in the Director’s Cut of Robocop will be addressed.

As noted previously, audiences learn through one of the new bonus features included with the re-issue, Robocop actually received an “X” rating because of its blood and gore.  One of the deleted scenes shows there was actually some female nudity, too.  One scene was one of the media breaks, this time featuring two topless women making pizza in an advertisement, and the host even taking advantage of both women.  That scene obviously is not in the final cut, but the blood and gore incorporated into the original cut is here, complete with Murphy’s hand being shot off, a bullet being shot through his head in the “torture killing” scene.  There is also a scene with one person being run over and killed late in the movie, as well as lots more blood, gore and violence.  Simply put, the presentation of Robocop that audiences get here is the original vision for the movie.  That means audiences get in this cut, Robocop as it was originally meant to be seen, explicit content and all.  Keeping that in mind along with the expansive bonus content featured with the re-issue, the collection of all that content gives audiences that much more to appreciate.

The collective primary and secondary content featured in the forthcoming Director’s Cut of Robocop goes a long way toward making this latest re-issue of Robocop a positive addition to the home library of any of the movie’s fans.  Keeping in mind how much content the Director’s Cut of the movie offers the noted audiences, it makes the presentation’s average price point relatively affordable.

The average price point of Robocop: Director’s Cut is $31.75.  That price was obtained by averaging prices listed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Books-A-Million.  It was not listed at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the time of this review’s posting.  The least expensive of the listings — $26.42 – was at Amazon and Walmart while the most expensive listing was at Books-A-Million.  That retailer’s price listing for the product was $49.95. Best Buy and Target each listed the movie’s Director’s Cut at $27.99.  While Best Buy and Target might not have had the lowest of the price listing, they still came in below the average price range.  Books-A-Million’s price listing proved to be the only listing the topped that number.  To that end, separate listings of less than $30 and an average listing of just over $30 is still relatively affordable and money well spent by those who are true devotees of Robocop.  Keeping this in mind, the average price point of Robocop: Director’s Cut proves to be its own positive within the bigger picture of the re-issue’s presentation.  To that end, that price point and content come together to make the whole of this re-issue a positive for any longtime fan of Robocop.

Arrow Video’s forthcoming Director’s Cut reissue of Robocop is a presentation that succeeds greatly in its effort to entertain the most devoted fans of this classic action flick.  That is due in large part to the bonus content featured with the movie.  Between the new content and the archived interviews and other items, the expansive bonus content offers audiences much to appreciate.  The content is also available on the standard Blu-ray re-issue that was released Nov. 26, also through Arrow Video.  The full, unedited cut of the movie, which is far more explicit in its content than the theatrical version adds to the appeal for the noted audiences.  That collective primary and secondary content comes together to make the movie’s average price point, which is in itself affordable, that much more appealing to audiences.  Each item noted here is important to the whole of Robocop: Director’s Cut.  All things considered, they make the movie’s presentation a strong new offering from Arrow Video that will certainly appeal to plenty of Robocop fans.  Robocop: Director’s Cut is scheduled for release on Feb. 11, 2020 through Arrow Video.  More information on this and other titles from Arrow Video is available online now at:










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Clutch Debuts ‘Fortunate Son’ Cover Video

Courtesy: New Ocean Media/Weathermaker Records

Clutch debuted the video Thursday for its cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s timeless song ‘Fortunate Son.’

The video’s debut came alongside the band’s release of the song as part of Weathermarker Records’ “Weathermaker Vault Series.”  Clutch drummer Jean-Paul Gaster talked about the band’s cover of the song in a recent interview.

“Growing up, it was hard not to hear CCR’s ‘Fortunate Son’ on the radio, on TV or even at the county fair,” he said.  “The groovy backbeat and the sloshy hi hats that introduces John Fogerty’s timeless lyrics written so many years ago could be found everywhere.  While it may be true to say that ‘Fortunate Son’ could be seen as a political song, we think it’s bigger than that.  For us, ‘Fortunate Son’ is an inspirational song.  Fro that reason, we’d like to dedicate the song to the most inspirational person we’ve ever had in our lives, our late manager Jack Flanagan.  Jack Flanagan was no fortunate son.  He worked tirelessly and passionately all the while keeping a razor sharp sense of humor until his last days.  Thank you, Jack, for making us better than we ever thought we could be.”

Clutch pays tribute to Flanagan in its video, with a picture of the band’s late manager with the band members in the video’s final moments.

Clutch is preparing to return to the road in support of its latest album Book of Bad Decisions on Dec. 2 in Wiesbaden, Germany.  The band’s  upcoming European tour runs through Dec. 20 in Nottingham, Great Britain.  Tickets for the band’s European shows are available here.

Following that run, the band will take some time off to rest and recharge before returning to North America for a short run of dates, including an already sold out date Dec. 28 in Asheville, NC.

Tickets for the band’s North American dates are available here.  The band’s current tour schedule is noted below.

2 Dec (Mon) – Wiesbaden, GER @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
3 Dec (Tue) – Oberhausen, GER @ Turbinenhalle
5 Dec (Thu) – Bremen, GER @ Aladin Music Hall
6 Dec (Fri) – Nuremberg, GER @ Löwensaal
*7 Dec (Sat) – Strasbourg, FRA @ La Laiterie
8 Dec (Sun) – Villeurbanne, FRA @ Transbordeur
10 Dec (Tue) – Barcelona, ESP @ Sala Apolo
*11 Dec (Wed) – Madrid, ESP @ Sala But
13 Dec (Fri) – Madrid, ESP @ Sala But
14 Dec (Sat) – Bilbao, ESP @ Santana 27
15 Dec (Sun) – Bordeaux, FRA @ Le Rocher de Palmer
17 Dec (Tue) – Southampton, GBR @ O2 Guildhall
18 Dec (Wed) – London, GBR @ Roundhouse
19 Dec (Thu) – Leeds, GBR @ O2 Academy
*20 Dec (Fri) – Nottingham, GBR @ Rock City
27 Dec (Fri) – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
*28 Dec (Sat) – Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
29 Dec (Sun) – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
30 Dec (Mon) – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
31 Dec (Tue) – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
*Sold out

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PBS Distribution To Release New ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ DVD Tuesday

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS

PBS Distribution will release another new collection of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood episodes Tuesday.

Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodMister Rogers & Making Mistakes is scheduled for release Tuesday on DVD and online.  The DVD features 142 minutes of episodes that focus on making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  World famous pianist Andre Watts joins Mister Rogers in one of those episodes, with the pair talking about practicing and learning from mistakes.

Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodMister Rogers & Making Mistakes will retail for MSRP of $9.99.  More information on this and other titles from PBS Distribution is available online at:





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Black Heart Saints Debut ‘Addicted To Love’ Video

Courtesy: Black Heart Saints/TAG Publicity

Black Heart Saints debuted the video for its cover of ‘Addicted To Love‘ last week.

The song is taken from the band’s EP Misery, which was released in September independently by the band.  The song and video pay direct tribute to Robert Palmer, who first composed ‘Addicted to Love.’

The video finds the band in a music store looking for new equipment when front man Josh Ross has what he thinks in the end is a dream sequence.  His “dream” features himself and his band members performing Palmer’s song very much in the vein of Palmer’s original video, complete with female dancers accompanying the group.

The video for ‘Addicted To Love’ is just the latest in what BHS’ fans have come to call the “Misery Quadrilogy.”  The “Quadrilogy” also features videos for the songs ‘Crazy‘ and ‘Lines.’  The video for ‘Addicted to Love’ hints that the group’s fourth video will come soon.

Black Heart Saints recently wrapped its current tour in support of Misery.  The band will head back out on the road next month, starting Dec. 8 in Round Rock, TX.  That tour is scheduled to run through Jan. 25 in Austin, TX.  More information on the band’s tour, videos and more is available online now at:






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KB & The Idyllwilde Debuts ‘Madman’ Video

Independent soul rock band KB & The Idyllwilde debuted its latest video last week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Madman’ on Nov. 21.  The minimalist video presents a couple going through the stages of figuring out one another early on in a relationship, but with a twist.  There is plenty of dancing featured in the video that audiences will enjoy along with the video’s overall original treatment.

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

KB & The Idyllwilde singer Katie Burke explained the concept behind the video in a recent interview.

“That pervasive waiting for the other shoe to drop feel was real strong in me at the time,” Burke said.  “The character in this song can’t accept love, They can’t see why anyone would stick around.  They’re covered in their perception that people must be crazy to stand being around them.  So, in the end, the character accepts that both she and this person must both be nuts for it all to work.  Good news, it works!  Bad news…is there bad news?  They’re nuts?  Yes, nuts and happy–Fun fact, I wasn’t satisfied with my vocal performance in the studio, so my producer Evan let me borrow a mic, and I tracked this in one take at home in my closet.”

‘Madman’ is streaming and available for download now at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play.  The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming album I Just Wanna Love YouI Just Wanna Let You, which is scheduled for release Feb. 14, 2020.

KB And The Idyllwilde will hit the road in April to support the album’s release.  A handful of live dates have already been announced.  Those dates are noted below.

04/03 @ Atlanta, GA
04/04 @ Wilmington, NC
04/05 @ Hotel RL – Bethesda/Baltimore, MD
04/08 @ New Paltz, NY
04/09 @ O’Brien’s – Boston, MA
04/10 @ Brooklyn, NY
04/11 @ Big Lick Brewing Company – Roanoke, VA
04/12 @ Nashville, TN

More information on the album, the band’s new single, video and more at:





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Ascending From Ashes To Re-Issue Debut Album ‘Glory’ Next Month

Courtesy: Darkscale Media/O’Donnell Media Group

Hard rock band Ascending From Ashes will re-issues its new album Glory this Christmas.

The album, originally released Feb. 9, 2019 through Darkscale Media, featured 13 songs, including the singles ‘Revolt,’ ‘Enemy,’ ‘Afraid‘ and ‘The Prince.’ The concept album follows the rise of a young prince to his throne as he faces many perils along the way.

Glory‘s re-issue will feature four additional songs ‘Pentadextrous,’ ‘Black Forest,’ ‘Dream On’ and ‘Florence.’  The addition of the songs changes the original sequencing, giving the album a new ordering.

The full track listing for the re-issue is noted below.

1. Glory, Part One
2. The Prince
3. Afraid
4. Florence
5. Pentadextrous
6. Bad Judge of Character
7. Glory, Part Two
8. Enemy
9. Caesar
10. Command & Conquer
11. Home
12. Revolt
13. Fall of Lucifer
14. Glory, Part Three
15. Greater Good
16. Black Forest
17. Dream On

Ascending From Ashes released its debut record, The Phoenix in 2011.  It was followed up with another EP, Phoenix Rising, which featured the single ‘Thundergun’ and the band’s cover of the Power Rangers theme song.  The release of Phoenix Rising led to attention from Disturbed member John Moyer who worked with the band on its debut album and its re-issue.

More information on Ascending From Ashes’ upcoming Glory re-issue is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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‘Garfield & Friends: Season Two’ Is Entertaining, But Imperfect

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/ Paws Inc.

Garfield & Friends is back on DVD again.  PBS Distribution released the second season of the timeless animated series Nov. 5 in a three-disc set through a partnership with Skiprope.  The set’s release comes almost fourteen years after 20th Century Fox released the fifth and last of its Garfield & Friends volumes.  Those volumes are all available through Amazon and other online retailers, and as much as this critic dislikes having to say it, are better investments than this collection and its predecessor in Garfield & Friends Season 1.  That is not to say that this latest collection from PBS Distribution is unwatchable; far from it.  However, it does suffer from one key con – its remastering, which will be addressed a little later.  While the remastering has caused its own share of problems for this collection, the general content makes up for the problems caused by the remastering.  This will be addressed shortly.  The set’s packaging rounds out its most important elements.  It will also be discussed here later.  Each item noted here plays its own important part in the whole of Garfield & Friends: Season 2.  All things considered, they make the set a welcome addition to the library of any of this series’ fans, but only if they cannot get their hands on 20th Century Fox’s previously released Garfield & Friends collections.

PBS Distribution and Skip Rope’s recently released Season 2 set of Garfield & Friends is an entertaining offering for fans of the timeless animated series.  That is due in part to the set’s primary content – the episodes.  Audiences receive in this collection, the second season of Garfield & Friends in its entirety.  All 30 episodes from Season 2 are here from the season premiere to finale.  From the unforgettable “Rip Van Kitty,” — which finds Garfield falling asleep for fifty years, only to wake up in the future which finds Nermal just as cute and annoying as ever, Odie in a wheelchair and an alien invasion in which the aliens look just like Garfield – “Sludge Monster,” which finds Garfield, Jon and Odie staying the night in a “haunted” inn, and “Basket Brawl,” which spoofs the National Basketball Association, placing Garfield against Jon, Odie and Nermal in their attempts to prepare a picnic.  All of the U.S. Acres shorts that accompanied the main episodes are here, too.  Simply put, audiences looking for the second season of Garfield & Friends in its precise chronological order get exactly that here.  That is without question a key positive to the set and makes the set worth owning.  While the presence of Season 2’s full run forms a solid foundation for the set, the actual presentation of those episodes detracts from the set to a certain point.

Much like with the presentation of the series’ first season, this set is also presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen).  For those less familiar with aspect ratios, that might not seem overly important.  However, for those who are more familiar with the matter of aspect ratios, this is a bad thing.  That is because in comparison to the original 4:3 presentation – which was used in the sets from 20th Century Fox – the 16:9 presentation does show a certain amount of loss.  There might be more visible in terms of horizontal content, but clearly there is a certain amount of loss in the picture’s vertical presentation.  Heads are cut off along with tops of scenes.  The series’ full-screen 4:3 presentation by comparison actually does give viewers the literal full picture in each episode.  What’s more, the remastering does show through in general, as the picture is much sharper in each episode.  The problem is that the picture is perhaps too sharp.  It is that clean.  There is something special about seeing this series exactly as it aired in its original broadcast.  Sure, some remasterings are good and necessary. Comparing this presentation to the presentation in the 20th Century Fox box sets really does make the earlier presentations that much more charming and appealing in general.  To that end, one cannot help but wonder if the remastering that was done with this set (and its predecessor in Season One) was truly necessary.  Luckily even with that question in mind, this set is not a total loss.  The set’s packaging helps its overall presentation in its own right.

The packaging for Garfield & Friends: Season Two is key to its presentation in that it does admittedly save space on audiences’ DVD/BD racks.  Unlike the Garfield & Friends sets from 20th Century Fox, this set (and its predecessor) compress the packaging by placing each of its three discs on its own plate inside the case.  The third disc is placed in its own spot inside the case.  By comparison, 20th Century Fox’s sets each consist of three discs.  However, the discs are each placed inside their own slimcase inside the bigger box.  This is key to note because the end result is more space taken up on racks than the packaging manner used in this set and that of Season One.  To that end, PBS Distribution and Skiprope have actually done audiences a favor here.

Adding to the positive of the packaging is that the packaging method used here serves to protect the discs from one another just as much as the manner used by 20th Century Fox.  Keeping that in mind, the packaging used for this collection is just as important to consider as the set’s content.  When the packaging and content are considered together, they make the collection in whole a set enjoyable for those who might not already own the previously released Garfield & Friends box sets released by 20th Century Fox and who might be unable to get their hands on those sets.

PBS Distribution and Skiprope’s recently released Garfield & Friends: Season Two box set is a presentation that will appeal to fans of the timeless animated series that who do not already own the series’ DVD sets previously released by 20th Century Fox and those unable to get their hands on those sets, which collectively present the series maybe not in chronological order, but in full.  Audiences do get here, the whole of Season Two in its entirety and in precise chronological order.  They also get positive packaging.  For all of the positives that the set shows, it also does have a negative that cannot be ignored – the general presentation of the episodes.  While it clearly detracts from the set’s presentation, it is not enough to make the set entirely unwatchable.  It just shows that perhaps the remastering was not entirely necessary.  Keeping all of this in mind, the whole of Garfield & Friends: Season Two is enjoyable, but still leaves itself lacking to a point.  Garfield & Friends: Season Two is available now.  More information on the set is available online now at:







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