PBS Distribution Releases ‘Garfield & Friends: Season 2’

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/ Paws Inc.

Everybody’s favorite flabby feline is back on DVD.

PBS Distribution released the second season of the timeless animated series Garfield & Friends Nov. 5.  Season 2, which originally premiered Sept. 16, 1989, features 30 episodes including Garfield’s farm friends from U.S. Acres.

Among some of the most notable of the season’s episodes are the unforgettable “Rip Van Kitty,” “Sludge Monster,” and “Basket Brawl” as well as the equally entertaining “Robodie,” “Swine Trek” and “Heatwave Holiday.”

“Rip Van Kitty” plays on the classic take of Rip Van Winkle, putting Garfield into a dream sequence that finds him sleeping for fifty years. When he wakes up, it’s the future, and an army of Garfield lookalikes from the planet Zizzabonnawannawanna Boink Boink Three (say that three times fast) has invaded Earth.  For all the changes that have happened during his nap, two things haven’t changed — Nermal is still as annoying as ever and Binky the Clown is still on the air, only much older.

“Sludge Monster” plays on Universal Pictures’ classic monster movies as Jon, Odie and Garfield have to stop for the night at a hotel that is allegedly haunted by the infamous sludge monster.  The discovery leads to an entertaining musical number by Jon.

“Basket Brawl” is one of the series’ most memorable episodes, as it finds Garfield going solo in a game of basketball against Jon, Nermal and Odie as they try to get food for a picnic into a picnic basket.  The show’s writers poked fun at famed broadcaster Marv Albert in this episode, creating a mouse version of Albert to anchor the showdown.

“Robodie” makes Odie the star after he is kidnapped by a mad scientist — of sorts — who wants to make robot versions of Odie.  There’s just one problem:  Odie’s robot doubles are just as absent minded as Odie, which leads to its own share of laughs.

“Swine Trek” is one of many U.S. Acres shorts featured in Season Two of Garfield & Friends.  This episode spoofs CBS’ classic Star Trek series, with Orson taking on the role of Captain Kirk, Lanolin playing Uhura, Wade as Dr. Bones (fittingly), Booker as Chekov and Bo sheep as Scottie and Sheldon as Spock.  Orson’s evil brothers play the part of the Klingons.  the whole story rises from a dream sequence that Orson has after he falls ill with a cold.

These episodes and so many other memorable episodes make up the whole of Garfield & FriendsSeason Two.  The collection is available now through PBS’ online store for MSRP of $14.99.  Garfield & FriendsSeason One is also available through PBS’ online store.

More information on these and other titles from PBS Distribution is available online now at:


Website: http://www.pbsdistribution.org

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