All Hail The Yeti Debuts ‘Felo De Se’ Lyric Video; Announces New Guitarist, Management Company

All Hail The Yeti is taking on the issue of bullying.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new anti-bullying song ‘Felo De Se’ Thursday through Alternative Press. The video sets the song and its lyrics against a backdrop of what is meant to look like a newspaper that is reporting on various bullying-related incidents, such as school shootings and suicides.  The song’s musical content exhibits a distinct stylistic change for the band, as it finds the band moving in a more melodic hard rock direction versus the much harder-edged sound of the band’s past songs.

Courtesy: Minus Head Records/Alternative Press

All Hail The Yeti’s new song and video are meant to tide fans over while the band works on its new as yet untitled new EP.  The band is working on the record with a new addition to its lineup in the form of guitarist Dave Vanderlinde.

All Hail The Yeti front man Connor Garritty talked about the addition of Vanderlinde to the band’s lineup in a recent interview.

“Dave has an unbelievable talent,” Garritty said.  “The writing process has been painless and some of the most fun we’ve had in a long time.  His guitar playing is exactly what AHTY needed.  Add that to his personality and hunger for success, and you have the perfect combination.  The Oracle’s Dez Fafara and I have been friends for a very long time.  He is probably the most responsible for my music career starting in California so many years ago.  Circle back two decades and now the team is right where it needs to be.  He is driven, smart, no bullshit, and that’s exactly what this band needs to be.”

Along with a new song, video and band member, AHTY is also opening the new year with a new management company.  The band has signed with management company, The Oracle, which is the agency that Garritty mentioned in his comments about Vanderlinde joining the band.

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