Gab De La Vega Debuts ‘YYZ’ Video

Courtesy: Epidemic Records/Backbite Records

Gab De La Vega debuted the video for his latest single this week.

The Italian singer-songwriter debuted the video for his song ‘YYZ‘ Saturday.  The song, taken from his new album Beyond Space and Time, is not to be confused with Rush’s song by the same name.  Beyond Space and Time is scheduled for release Jan. 24 through Epidemic Records.

The video for ‘YYZ’ finds De La Vega walking the streets of Toronto and performing for the city’s residents on the city’s streets.

De La Vega talked about the video shoot in a recent interview.

“I decided to pay tribute to the city in the video,” he said.  “I love Toronto, it feels like a second home.  Jaden [D.], who directed the video, is my cousin and he’s from Toronto.  We had this idea, so we went around the city and I started busking, playing the song at some of the most and some of the least busy corners of the city.  there are no actors in the video, only the people of Toronto.  They were running late to hop on their train, they were groups of friends or couples chatting, they were regular people caught up in their regular lives on an ordinary summer day.  We provided the soundtrack, but they were the protagonists.  Some of them stopped to hear me play, even for a few seconds, others liked it and dropped a coin in the case.  I tried to go along with the flow and become part of the play for that day, impersonating someone whose life is not different from anybody’s.  I guess it’s just what we do, we live our lives, we play our scripts.”

The song’s musical arrangement is a gently flowing composition with its semi-acoustic approach.  It can be compared to works from Pearl Jam throughout the course of its nearly three-minute-30-second run time.

Lyrically speaking, the song is a deeply moving presentation.  De La Vega discussed the noted content in his interview.

“‘YYZ’ is about feeling lost and disoriented in life,” he said.  “It’s about the need to find your place in the world.  the moments in which you have to make decisions that might change everything, without having a clue of what the outcome might be.  It’s about the daily struggle to steer your own life and at the same time accept that you don’t have full control of everything that happens to you.”

He added, “The song lyrics refer to a summer afternoon two years ago.  I was walking in downtown Toronto, chasing my thoughts in the alleys of my mind.  At one point I looked around and I realized my feet took me astray.  I had to figure out where I was.  I was kind of lost, literally…and metaphorically.”

‘YYZ’ is the second single from the record, De La Vega’s third full-length studio recording.  He debuted the video for the album’s lead single ‘Perfect Texture‘ Dec. 21.


Courtesy: Epidemic Records

De La Vega is scheduling performances in support of Beyond Space and Time.  His current live schedule is noted below.

Upcoming shows:

7th February – Cremona, Circolo Arcipelago
8th February – Brescia, Lio Bar
9th February – Parma, Splinter Club
21st February – TBA
22nd February – TBA
23rd February – Chiuppano, Osteria Al Castello

Pre-orders for Between Space and Time are open now.  the album’s full track listing is noted below.


1) Phoenix From The Flames

2) Story Of A Human Being

3) YYZ

4) Perfect Texture

5) Rosary Of Days

6) Bomb Inside My Head

7) As One

8) We’ve Already Seen All This

9) Words Unspoken

10) Something’s Not Ok

11) I Still Believe

More information on Beyond Space and Time is available along with all of De La Vega’s latest news and more at:





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