Rockie Brown Debuts ‘Soul Sister Retribution’ Video

Courtesy: Dustree

Independent rap artist Rockie Brown unveiled the video for her latest single this week.

Brown debuted the video for her song ‘Soul Sister Retribution’ Monday on her official YouTube channel. It debuted the next day through The song is featured on her most recent studio recording, her EP Mad World. the EP was released May 17, 2019 through Dustree.

The song’s video features Brown circling a young woman, empowering her with her words, reminding her to “hold your head high” and more as she delivers her message.  The song’s musical arrangement boasts an infectious beat that will stick in listeners’ minds.

Brown discussed the inspiration behind the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“‘Soul Sister Retribution’ is the song that changed my writing forever,” she said.  “I used to labor over pop sensibility, but with this one, I decided to leave my heart directly on the paper. An outspoken stream of consciousness, it’s the sole reason for the stylistic evolution in my artistry and music.  I wanted to be poetically liberated, to say things that have meaning, that run deep and are meant to inspire, empower and move; reflecting on a time in history, but igniting hope that love and strength can heal and unite.  It’s a conversation with young me, written for an older me about all my girls who may need to hear it.”

‘Soul Sister Retribution’ is the third single to come from Mad World.  The EP has also produced the singles ‘Get Gone’ and ‘Hero.’  The link to each song is included in the EP’s track listing below.

Track List:
1. Soul Sister Retribution
2. Get Gone
3. Hero
4. Momma
5. Neurotic Chaotic Psychotic Erotic (Play)
6. Mad World

Mad World is available to stream and download through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.  More information on Mad World is available online along with all of Rockie Brown’s latest news at:






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