Delta Rae Debuts ‘From One Woman To Another’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Delta Rae

Delta Rae debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new song ‘From One Woman To Another‘ Friday.  The song’s musical arrangement presents a sound with which audiences have come to be familiar throughout the years from the band.  Its lyrical content is an empowering work for women that encourages them to move past their broken relationships.

‘From One Woman To Another’ features backing vocals from The McCrary Sisters.  The song is the first written by group member Brittany Holljes to be featured on a Delta Rae record.

Holljes discussed the story behind the song in a posting to the group’s official Facebook page recently.

“I wrote ‘From One Woman To Another’ in the aftermath of a few typical modern dating experiences that left me feeling empathy for the next woman in line, worrying about the danger that a person just passing through poses to those to those with their hearts wide open,” she said.  “I’ve dated a few men who I knew were going to be hard to hold onto, and because I was aware of their intention it was easy to enjoy the moment and let go.  But sometimes, even when we have our guard up we might let ourselves hope — And what about the next woman charmed by this easy cowboy spirit?  I yearned to send her comfort.”

She continued, “This song, despite the name, has no real gender boundaries.  But I am a woman.  I love supporting fellow women, and i reject the narratives that pit us against each other.  I wrote this song not looking to chastise folks looking for a casual connection, but to say to those holding out for love: let go of the people not meant for you.  make room for a true love to come along and know you’re not alone.  This is the first song I took the lead in writing for the band, and I hope you love it.”

‘From One Woman To Another’ is the second single that Delta Rae has released from its new album.  The band released the album’s lead single ‘Take Me There‘ last month.

Delta Rae is taking part in the annual Sail Across The Sun cruise.  After the band returns from the cruise, it will take time to rest up before launching a tour in support of The Light beginning Apr. 7 in Charlottesville, VA.  According to information on the band’s official Facebook page, the tour is scheduled to run through April 25 and to feature performances in cities, such as Concord, NH; Washington, D.C. and New York, NY.

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