There’s No Mystery Why ‘NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives’ Is Worth Watching

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Counterfeiting is big business.  From people making fake money to knockoffs of various clothing and apparel items to even fake paintings and more, counterfeiters work hard to separate people from their money and cheat them in the process.  For all of the counterfeited items that are out there, one might never expect someone to go as far as to counterfeit some of the most significant artifacts in history, but sadly, even that happens.  In the new episode of its new hit science-based series NOVA, Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives PBS examines the counterfeiting of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls and how the fakes are found.  This story is the most important of the episode in its recent home release, and will be discussed shortly.  The firsthand explanations of how the fakes are created and uncovered adds even more interest to the DVD’s presentation.  It will be discussed a little later.  The overall content featured in the DVD makes its average price point such that audiences will not mind paying.  When this is considered along with all of the content, the whole of this episode of NOVA proves to be a presentation that leaves no mystery as to its appeal.

NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives is a presentation whose appeal is wide to say the least.  That is proven through a variety of clues, just one of which being its primary content.  That content, its story, goes a long way toward making it well worth the watch.  The story takes audiences in to the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls’ discovery and the eventual trend of people capitalizing on the importance of the scrolls.  Audiences will be surprised to learn the lengths to which counterfeiters have gone and will go to trick people.  Just as interesting to learn through the interviews is that apparently there’s a code among some overseas in terms of identifying the counterfeiters.  It truly is disturbing to see that there are those who are willing to protect counterfeiters.  As the story progresses, audiences discover the reach of the fakes and how easy it is for counterfeiters to get away with their crimes, and the lengths to which experts will go to uncover those fakes.  The story in whole will appeal not only to biblical experts and theologians, but to fans of crime dramas.  Those behind the episode should be applauded as it would have been so easy for them to go over the top with this and make it something that it was not.  Luckily, that did not happen here, and in turn, it ensured audiences would remain engaged throughout from start to end.

While the formatting of NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives and the story itself do a lot to make this episode of NOVA worth the watch, those collective elements are just one part of what makes the program so interesting.  The firsthand displays of how the counterfeit fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls are identified will keep viewers engaged and entertained, too.  The segments showing how the writing on the parchments is so closely scrutinized are enlightening to say the very least.  Listening to the investigation into the writing and something as minute as the salt crystals on the parchments shows the painstaking lengths to which counterfeiters will go to trick people.  It really is a good starting point in discussions on how forensic science works.  The reaction by the victims and the investigator to the revelation of which fragments are fake adds even more interest to this aspect of the episodes.  The further investigation into how a burned scroll was “brought back to life” adds even more interest to the presentation.  Seeing how technology can be used to virtually unravel and read parchment that is otherwise destroyed shows how far technology has advanced for this and other purposes.  That display alone is eye-opening and will assuredly keep viewers engaged.  Keeping in mind the engaging and entertaining primary and secondary content featured in this documentary, it makes the presentation’s average price point such that audiences will not mind paying that price.

The average price point of NOVA: Dead Sea Scross Detectives is $19.49.  That price was obtained by averaging prices listed at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Books-A-Million and PBS’ online store.  Barnes & Noble Booksellers did not have the DVD listed at the time of this review’s posting.  The only listings that exceed that average are at Books-A-Million, at $24.99 and PBS’ store, $19.99.  PBS’ store listing barely breaks that cap, too.  The most commonly-listed and least expensive pricing is $17.99.  It is listed at Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy.  Simply put, the pricing for this DVD is affordable and worth the price at that considering its content.  It doesn’t even reach the 420 mark for the most part.  To that end, audiences will find this aspect just as appealing as the content featured within the DVD.  All things considered, consumers and audiences will agree that through investigation, it becomes clear that NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives proves to be an enjoyable new episode of one of PBS’ best series.

NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives is one more example of why PBS’ hit science-based series is such a popular program.  That is proven in part through the program’s primary content, it’s story, which focuses on the lengths to which some people will go to create fakes of anything.  The secondary content, showing the work put into stopping counterfeiters from defrauding consumers and people in general adds even more interest to the program.  The whole of the primary and secondary content makes the DVD’s average price point relatively affordable and welcome for audiences and consumers.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of this presentation.  All things considered, they make NOVA: Dead Sea Scrolls Detectives anything but a mystery in terms of its appeal.  More information on this and other episodes of NOVA is available online now at:










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