Sons Of Apollo Debuts ‘Asphyxiation’ Lyric Video

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Sons of Apollo debuted the video for its latest video this week.

The band debuted the lyric video for its song ‘Asphyxiation‘ Monday.  It flashes the lyrics for the song against a backdrop of the band performing the single and a woman wearing a cover on her eyes.  It also presents a warning before it opens, for those prone to seizures brought on by flashing images as an added measure.

The song’s musical arrangement is full-on prog metal for which the band members — Mike Portnoy (drums), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) Jeff Scott Soto (vocals) Billy Sheehan (bass) and Ron Thal (guitar) — have come to be known throughout their collective careers.

This song’s lyrical content comes across as perhaps two people in a very toxic relationship.  That is inferred right from the song’s outset as Soto sings, “I’m lovin’ the way/That you’re squeezin’ my soul/My insanity/And I’m needin’ a taste/I can’t breath/This suffocating desire/Now dig/You’re the devil I know/My consequence, your dichotomy/No remorse, now I see/You are now my diseased fortifier/Your deceit is your desire/You’re my salvation/My new temptation/’Cause you’re my asphyxiation.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Under my own skin/Let the games now begin/In your private hell/I am your lust/Scream eternally under your spell/My deceit is your desire.”  He adds in the song’s third verse, “I’m your creation/Your new sensation/I’m your temptation/’Cause I’m your asphyxiation.”  It seems those strong thoughts and feelings go in both directions, leading back to that inference that this is a song about people in a less than perfect relationship.  That being the case, the almost manic feel of the song’s arrangement makes more sense.  To that end, it shows again just how much thought and time went into making sure every song in this album translated clearly to the band’s fans and general listeners.  Keeping that in mind along with the other two songs noted here and the rest of the album’s works, the entirety of MMXX becomes a record that is a large step up for Sons of Apollo. It makes the record a sign of how much this group has to offer audiences.  That in turn gives hope that this record will not be the band’s last album.

‘Asphyxiation’ is featured in Sons of Apollo’s sophomore album MMXX.  It is the fourth single to be lifted from the record.  Most recently, the band debuted the video for the song ‘Desolate July‘ last month.

The song boasts an arrangement that at points, incorporates elements of Pink Floyd and even Type O Negative with its guitars, vocals and keyboards.  It sounds like an odd combination of elements, but is there nonetheless.  The video opens by noting the song is a tribute to the band members’ friend David Z.

Front man Jeff Scott Soto discussed the tribute in a recent interview.

“From the few seconds of hearing this song, it guided me to write the lyrics about our dear friend and colleague, David Z,” he said.  “David was one of the greatest, funniest and kindest humans I have ever known.  he had friendships with most all of us in SOA, but Mike [Portnoy] — SOA drummer — and I were certainly the closest.  I thought it fitting to include this tribute to him from us in this haunting, incredible body of music.”

Portnoy expanded on Soto’s comments with his own statements.

“This video is a great tribute to our dear friend David Z,” he said.  “Jeff and I were particularly close with him and I was honored that Jeff invited me to sing the harmonies with him on the choruses for us to both share our love for our friend that was tragically taken from us way too soon.”

Prior to its video, Sons of Apollo debuted the videos for the songs ‘Fall to Ascend‘ and MMXX‘s lead single ‘Goodbye Divinity.’

Sons of Apollo is in the midst of a world tour in support of MMXX.  The band is making its way through Europe on the current leg of that tour.  The band is scheduled to perform live in Drammen, Norway Monday and Gotthenburg, Sweden Tuesday.  The remainder of the band’s current tour schedule is noted below.



Europe 2020
Mon 3/2            Drammen, Norway                     Union Scene
Tue 3/3             Gothenburg, Sweden                 Traedgarn
Thu 3/5             Kyiv, Ukraine                             N.A.U Theatre
Sat 3/7              Moscow, Russia                        RED
Sun 3/8             St Petersburg, Russia                Aurora
Tue 3/10            Pratteln, Switzerland                  Z7
Wed 3/11          Milan, Italy                                Live Club
Fri 3/13             Bilbao, Spain                            Santana 27
Sat 3/14            Barcelona, Spain                       Razzmatazz 2
Sun 3/15           Madrid, Spain                           La Riviera
Tue 3/17            France                                      TBA
Wed 3/18          France                                      TBA
Thu 3/19            London, U.K.                            Islington Assembly Hall
Fri 3/20             Eindhoven, Netherlands             Prognosis Festival
Sun 3/22           Show Brno, Czech Republic       Sono
Tue 3/24            Kosice, Slovakia                       Colosseum
Wed 3/25          Budapest, Hungary                    Barba Negra



More information on MMXX and the band’s tour in support of the album is available online now along with all of Sons of Apollo’s latest news and more at:









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