David Reece’s New LP Is Certain To Make Its Own Share Of Noise Among Audiences

Courtesy: El Puerto Records

Vocalist David Reece has formed throughout his career, quite an extensive resume.  His most famous work is with the hard rock band Accept on its 1989 album Eat The Heat, but is certainly not his only work. He also has a handful of solo records, as well as work with Bangalor Choir, Gypsy Rose and Sainted Sinners among other acts. Needless to say, the journeyman vocalist has done a lot throughout the course of his career. He added even more to that resume this month when he released his new solo album Cacophony of Souls.  Released March 12 through El Puerto Records GBR, the 12-song record is a powerful new offering from the veteran performer and his fellow musicians.  That is proven through the 48-minute record’s musical and lyrical content.  One of the songs that most strongly exemplifies the power of the album’s combined musical and lyrical content comes late in the album’s run, in the form of ‘Back in the Days.’  This song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Blood on Our Hands,’ which comes early in the album’s run, is another key addition to the record’s presentation, and will be discussed a little later.  ‘Another Life Another Time,’ which serves as the record’s midway point, is yet another important addition to the album’s who, and will also be discussed later.  When these noted songs are considered along with the other 10 songs that make up the remainder of the album, the record in whole proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable work that the metal and rock masses alike will appreciate.

Cacophony of Souls, the latest solo recording from journeyman vocalist David Reece, is a presentation that so far into 2020, is one of the year’s most pleasant surprises from the rock and metal realm.  That is saying a lot, considering Reece’s resume.  After so many years of moderate at best success, this record could finally be the work that proves his breakout if it is given the right support.  That is proven in part late in the record’s run in the form of the song ‘Back in the Days.’  The song’s musical content is a full-on guitar-driven work with solid time keeping and bass work that, when coupled with Reece’s vocal delivery makes it an instant hit both on record and in person.  Hopefully Reece will be able to perform the song live sooner rather than later, considering how everything around the world has been shut down due to everything going on globally.  The positive vibe presented in that infectious musical arrangement adds even more to that appeal.  The whole of the arrangement is more than certain to put a smile on any listener’s face.

The addition of the song’s equally positive lyrical content to that mix is sure to add just as much enjoyment and engagement to the song.  That is because lyrically, what listeners receive here is a song whose subject is clearly looking back on how things once were versus how they are in the current age.  What’s interesting about this is that while the song’s lyrical content is clearly a commentary, it breaks from the norm of being a protest type commentary.  Rather it’s just a positive piece like an older person remembering how things used to be.  In an age when there is so much protest and anger, taking such a more light hearted approach makes the song stand out for all the right reasons.  Reece sings in the song’s chorus, “Back in the days/All we had were the walls between us/Back in the days/We believed that the whole world could save us/Back in the days/When we lived our lives in blind faith/’Cause we know/We can’t walk the road on our own.”  That pretty much says exactly what is pointed out here.  There is even a mention in the song’s lead first about “making things better” and in the second verse about the days when people lived in communities where everyone knew right from wrong.”  That is, again, a pretty telling statement.  When it is considered along with the relatively straight forward statement in the song’s chorus, which is really the lyrical heart of this song, and the rest of the song’s lyrical content, the whole of the song stands as one of the strongest examples of why this record’s combined musical and lyrical content makes the album worth the listen among members of the rock and metal community.  It is just one of the album’s most notable works.  ‘Blood on Our Hands,’ which comes early in the record’s run is another important addition to the album.

‘Blood on Our Hands’ comes early in the album’s run.  The album’s second entry, its musical arrangement is instantly likened to the power metal of Judas Priest, Saxon, and of course Accept.  The up-tempo guitar work, the solid time keeping from Andrea Gianangeli and low end from bassist Malte Frederik Burkert join with Reece’s operatic vocal delivery to make this song stand strong on its own metal merits, without any doubt.  What is most interesting about the song’s arrangement is that at a total of three-minutes and 17 seconds, the song leaves listeners feeling wholly fulfilled just with its arrangement alone.  It opens and closes just the right way and has all the right hooks and choruses throughout, ensuring even more, listeners’ engagement and enjoyment.  That impact from the song’s musical arrangement is only one part of what makes the song stand out.  The song’s lyrical content adds its own share of interest to its whole.

Reece sings in the song’s lead verse, “Headed for a broken dream/With weapons in my hands…fighting for our homeland ‘cause we live without a choice/History repeats the same old song/We stand together/On the brink of victory…”  Not having lyrics to reference, some of Reece’s statements are difficult to decipher.  He adds in the song’s second verse, “Broken promises/They are a never-ending game/Forcing those of us to be without.  Again, not having lyrics to reference, it is difficult to decipher everything he is saying here, too.  However, there are mentions of chivalry never being “dead and gone” and “All for one is where we belong.”  Now, knowing that all for one could be inferred as a statement addressing greed, but could also be a statement about all being for one collective.  There is also the note of mankind “dancing with blood on our hands” and that “it starts with the history of man.”  It would seem here that Reece is making a statement about how far we as a species have fallen throughout our history.  That could of course be an incorrect interpretation, though hopefully it is at least somewhere in the proverbial ballpark.  Needless to say, this song is certain to generate some discussion among audiences just through the lyrical content.  The fire in the song’s lyrical content added to the mix, and the song becomes that much more of a standout work, and just one more example of what makes this record so strong.  It still is not the last of the record’s most notable works.  ‘Another Life Another Time,’ the record’s midpoint, is another of the record’s most notable works.

‘Another Life Another Time’ presents a musical arrangement that is starkly unlike anything else featured in this album.  The song is a ballad-style work that is akin to works from the likes of Def Leppard, Poison and Dokken with its introspective, emotional sounds.  The approach here, which starts off in a very simple, minimalist fashion before launching into a full-on power ballad approach, is so familiar will immediately urge listeners to pull out those leather jackets and lighters and to wave them along in time.  This is, musically, just one of those works that takes listeners back to another age, but in the best way possible.  As much as the song’s musical arrangement does for its whole, it is just one part of what makes this old school style song stand out.  The song’s lyrical content adds even more impact to its presentation.

Reece sings in the song’s lead verse, “Set my navigation far away/Leave the comforts/Only seize the day/But I can’t say this forever/Forever on this crazy ship of fools/Livin’ by the rules/Take me back home/Another life, another time/Take me back home/Give me love before I die/Take me back home/Another life, another time/Take me back home/Leave it all behind.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “When my destination shows the way/I find another home where I can stay/No, I won’t take this for granted/No matter ‘cause we all must pay our dues/There’s nothing we can do.”  This is another work in which the song’s main subject is looking back on life, but recalling it in a more emotional fashion than in say ‘Back in the Days.’  Rather, this time, the person is really longing emotionally for the life once lived.  We have all been there, too.  To that end, it makes this song’s lyrical content is relatable and accessible to listeners.  Reece adds in the song’s third verse, “Maybe it’s a fantasy/Maybe it’s a dream/But inside this faded memory/I dwell in this place where I was free…”  Once again, here listeners are presented with someone longing for a life long gone.  Again, we have all been there more than once in life.  Reece’s ability to reach listeners’ deepest places with his words and delivery is worthy of applause.  The equally powerful musical arrangement that accompanies the song’s lyrical content rounds out the song, and makes it that much more powerful.  To some it will seem as cheesy as some of its counterparts that were crafted during the 1980s, but it is still a powerful work that shines against those works.  It is, in whole, one more example of what makes Reece’s new album worth hearing whether one is a fan of 80s rock or more modern sounds and bands.  When it is considered along with the other songs noted here and the rest of the album’s works, the record in whole proves to be a surprisingly engaging and enjoyable work that rock and metal fans across the board will appreciate.

David Reece’s new solo record Cacophony of Souls is a strong new effort from the veteran vocalist.  It is a work that will appeal to a wide range of rock and metal fans through its collective musical and lyrical content.  The songs featured in this record serve to support that statement.  All things considered the album proves itself to be a presentation that is anything but a cacophony.  Rather, it is a work that is certain to leave listeners making their own noise in the best way possible.  Cacophony of Souls is available now.  More information on the album is available now along with all of David Reece’s latest news at https://www.facebook.com/David-Reece-Official-712460068855429/.

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