Messer’s ‘Simple Man’ Remix Album Is A Unique Exhibition of Talent

Courtesy: Maddpants Records

Independent hard rock band Messer is scheduled to release its new compilation record Friday.  The 23-song record Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an expansive collection of remixes of the band’s single ‘Simple Man,’ which was released last year. The single is taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, which was itself released April 20, 2018 through Maddpants Records.  The rich collection of remixes featured throughout this record were collected through a contest that the up-and-coming band held for fans last year. The contest was meant to highlight the multitude of talented producers out there who are working daily to make names for themselves.  It is comparable to the remix CDs released back in the 90s from Gravity Kills, with its heavy load of EDM and dubstep style arrangements.  Needless to say, the various takes on the song are creative from one to the next.  One of the most notable of the remixes featured in the recording comes early in its 89-minute run time in the form of the NSTY Remix.  It will be addressed shortly.  The Aeropitune Remix, which comes roughly halfway through the compilation nearly 90-minute run time, is another notable take on the single.  It will be discussed a little later.  The single’s Windmill Remix, which comes near the record’s end, is one more of its most notable remixes, and will also be discussed later.  All three noted remixes show in their own way what makes this remix compilation record such a strong new offering from Messer.  When they are considered along with the rest of the collection’s variety of remixes, the result is a presentation that is a brave new release from the band that could help to establish the band’s name in the rock industry.

Messer’s new remix collection Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an interesting new offering from the up-and-coming independent hard rock band that is well worth at least one listen.  That is because it presents such a rich variety of takes on Messer’s 2019 single ‘Simple Man.’ The song is not to be mistaken with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s famed song by the same name.  This is a completely different work from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s work.  The only thing that the two songs share is that name.  The song’s musical arrangement and lyrical content stand strongly on their own merits.  As the band noted in a news release about this record, the song’s lyrical them focuses on a person who has gotten fed up with the expected norms set by society and social media.  That person just wants to live his life and maintain his individuality.  The original musical arrangement that accompanies that introspective lyrical content does well in illustrating the frustration with the state of the world displayed through the song’s lyrical content, too.  It [the arrangement] is a driving, up-tempo work that is comparable to works from the likes of Drowning Pool, HellYeah, and Mudvayne.  As a matter of fact frontman Dereak Messer even can easily be confused with HellYeah/Mudvayne front man Chad Grey thanks to the sound of his voice as he sings.  The song is streaming through Messer’s official YouTube channel. Keeping all of this in mind, a close listen to Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix reveals at least three notable takes on the song.  The most notable of those works comes early in the ‘NASTY Remix.’

The ‘NSTY Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ is so notable in part because it stays the closest of any of the remixes to its source material.  The hard rock element is there, but at the same time is so well-balanced with some rather intriguing dubstep elements, and even some horns, which are part of the dubstep arrangement.  They are not their own element.  It even goes so far as to balance the song’s more subdued moments into the whole while creating a unique sound that holds its own along with the noted original material.  The song even brings in the song’s contemplative moment in which Messer whispers to himself “What doesn’t kill me,” and adds a unique touch there to add to the impact of that simple moment.  Simply put, this remix does very well in giving ‘Simple Man’ a unique new identity while also managing successfully to illustrate the emotion exhibited through the song’s lyrics just as well as the musical arrangement in the band’s original work.  It is just one of the remixes that serves so well, to show the strength of this compilation.  The ‘Aeropitune Remix’ is another of the most notable of the featured ‘Simple Man’ remixes.

The ‘Aeropitune Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ is so notable because its arrangement is so starkly unlike that of the NSTY Remix and the rest of the record’s works.  If anything, this remix is more akin to works crafted by master producer Trent Reznor than anything else.  The subtle, brooding use of the bass line against Messer’s whispered vocals, in which he constantly states, “what doesn’t kill me” has such great impact in its simplicity.  It goes a long way toward giving the song another unique vantage point, this time creating the feeling of the song’s subject perhaps huddled by himself, reminding himself that he is stronger than everything going on.  It is an impressive take to say the very least.  Even as the song starts to build, with the addition of keyboards and some drums, it still maintains a certain level of control that keeps the arrangement so engaging and entertaining.  Whoever was behind the Aeropitune Remix of ‘Simple Man’ is fully deserving of applause for the creation of this remix, because while it does use some of the original song in its presentation, the song in whole is still so unique and enthralling with its balance of those more brooding moments and the slightly more energetic moments.  The song runs three minutes, 30 seconds, and because of the obvious time and thought that went into its arrangement, it hardly feels that long, yet still manages to leave listeners feeling fulfilled.  While this remix is without question quite engaging and entertaining, it is not the last of the record’s most notable works.  The ‘Windmill Remix,’ which comes late in the record’s nearly 90-minute run time is another key addition to the compilation.

The ‘Windmill Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ stands out among the compilation’s many remixes because while there is a lot of dubstep content featured in the song’s arrangement, it does also try to stay as true as possible to its source material.  The two sides are surprisingly well-balanced throughout the course of the song’s three-minute, 47-second run time.  The use of the keyboards and other electronic elements make this take on ‘Simple Man’ unique from the many other dubstep and EDM remixes that are featured throughout the record.  There is something in the balance between the two sides – the original and dubstep version – that just does so well to again capture the emotion in the song’s lyrical content.  At the same time, it establishes itself completely separate from its counterparts on this record and shows the talent of its creator.  When it is considered alongside the ‘Aeropitune Remix’ and ‘NSTY Remix’ of ‘Simple Man’ as well as the rest of the record’s remixes, the whole of this 89-minute record proves itself one of the year’s most unique presentations and one of the year’s top new independent albums, despite being composed solely of remixes of just one song.

Messer’s brand new remix album Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is an engaging and entertaining work that puts on display the talents of many otherwise unknown producers while also giving new attention to Messer’s single ‘Simple Man’ and the band’s self-titled 2018 debut, from which the song was lifted.  The various remixes featured throughout the album give ‘Simple Man’ so many unique identities as the three remixes featured here show.  Whether it be those songs or the rest of the record’s featured remixes, the whole of the record gives listeners plenty to take in.  Keeping that in mind, the compilation proves itself a unique presentation that is one of the year’s best independent albums, even being just a collection of remixes of one song.  More information on Re:Turn Re:Visit Re:Mix is available online along with all of Messer’s latest news at:










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