Discrepancies Debuts ‘Undertow’ Video

Courtesy: InVogue Records

Discrepancies is reminding audiences to keep their heads up, even when things get tough.

That message is presented in the band’s latest single ‘Undertow.’  The band debuted the video for the new single Apr. 9 through InVogue Records’ official YouTube channel.  The song’s musical arrangement is another solid rap-rock style work that will appeal to fans of bands, such as P.O.D., Skindred and Linkin Park.  Its lyrical message, as noted, focuses on staying positive in the toughest situations.

Front man Antonio Matcalf talked about the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“Undertow’ is about not letting discouragement get in the way of progress,” he said.  “There will always be obstacles, but the hardships are’t what define us.  It’s about what you did to overcome.”

The message is a tries and true theme that regardless of one’s taste in music, is one that listeners of all ages will appreciate, especially in a time such as now.  It reminds listeners in no uncertain terms that, “It’s never been about the fall, it’s about what happens when you get back up.”

Directed by John Fleischmann, the video delivers its message by presenting a hockey game that goes right down to the final seconds, before one team wins, thanks to its perseverance.

The debut of the video for Discrepancies’ new video comes more than two months after the band debuted its first single of the year, ‘Control.’  ‘Control’ is available to stream and download now through SpotifyGoogle PlayAmazonApple Music and YouTube.

More information on Discrepancies’ new single, live dates and more is available online at:






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