Lakeshore Debuts Video For ‘History’ Update

Lakeshore released a newly re-worked version of one of its original songs this week.

The band re-issued its song ‘History‘ Friday.  The song is featured in the band’s debut EP 41.  The musical arrangement in the song’s updated take is a brooding, emo-style work, complete with piano, tympani and strings that accompany the pained vocals.  The song’s lyrical content presents what comes across as a very deeply personal and emotional message about loss.

That seeming message is delivered as front man Jesse Doran sings in this song, “We’ve been here before/And now we’re back here again/Coming back around again/You dug your grave six feet from the bed that you made/I hope you sleep well my friend/When did you notice it was all on fire/This time I won’t stop until I make it right/Your voice/It lives through me/Searching for anything/this will be your mark in history/It’s so sad to see everything that couldn’t be/We both think about it/Time and again/The ocean is deep/But what does it matter/You can’t see the surface/You’re already drowning/You’re already drowning/We’ve extended our hand/We won’t do it again/You can fight all you like/But you know that I’m right.”

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Guitarist Ben Lionetti briefly discussed the song’s updated take in a recent interview.

“The Song ‘History’ is our first single as a band,” he said.  “It was always a song that resonated deeply with us, so during this quarantine period, we wanted to re-imagine it in a cool and fun way that still captures the deep emotion within the song.”

The debut of Lakeshore’s update of ‘History’ comes two months after the band debuted the song ‘Mountain View‘ from its then latest studio recording OkPsychopath.

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