Phill Rocker Releases New Single, ‘Keep On Riding’

Independent rock artist Phill Rocker released his first new music of the year earlier this month.

Rocker released his new single ‘Keep on Riding‘ Apr. 13.  The song presents a musical arrangement that will appeal to fans of that rock sound that bridged the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Courtesy: Phill Rocker

Rocker’s vocal delivery couples with the guitar work of Richard Fortus and keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio to give the song a sound that is comparable to works from the likes of Deep Purple.  Drummer Brian Tichy’s solid time keeping and bassist James LoMenzo’s low-end add even more depth to the song.

The lyrical theme presented in Rocker’s new single adds its own interest to its presentation.  Rocker sings in the song’s lead verse, “If you look inside yourself/You might find someone else/It’s bittersweet in me/It’s my worst enemy/I don’t know where else to go/There’s nothing more to show/Skipping time to play/If no one else can stay/Time has come for you and me/Time has come to choose a side/Time has come to draw the line/Time has come to stay behind/Keep on riding baby/I keep on riding ’till I die/I keep on riding, baby/I keep on riding/I keep on riding ’till I die.”  The opening to the song’s second verse is slightly difficult to decipher without a lyric sheet, but gets slightly easier to understand as Rocker continues, singing, “The magic fades away/It all disappears before the dawn/It hurts to see you this way/Tragedy’s fond of you/Just let the sun come in/To wipe away your sad/Time has come for you and me/Time has come to choose a side/Time has come to draw the line/Time has come to stay behind.”  From there he returns to the song’s chorus, singing, I’ll keep on riding ’till I die.”  This overall message comes across as the song’s subject saying to another person that he/she is going to live his/her life no matter what that other person does, no matter that other person’s life decision.  The mention in the song’s second verse of tragedy seemingly being fond of the second person adds to the possible message about the proverbial fork in the road for the two people.  This is, of course, just this critic’s own interpretation of these lyrics, and should not be taken as gospel.  However, the urgency and the slight melancholy in the song’s musical arrangement would seem to hint at that seeming message even more.  Regardless of right or wrong, the song’s lyrical content, coupled with its lyrical content will make the song an interesting new offering from Rocker.

More information on Rocker’s new single is available online along with all of his latest news and more music at:





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