Faith & Scars Debuts ‘No Apologies’ Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Faith & Scars debuted the video for its latest single last week.

The band debuted the video for its new song ‘No Apologies‘ April 20. The video picks up where the band’s video for its song ‘Breathe‘ left off, with a very evil figure about to overcome the hero in the wrestling wring.  It finds our hero facing off against the demonic figure in the squared circle, eventually getting a hand from his band mates before seemingly overcoming the demonic-looking figure.

The song’s musical arrangement is just as driving and up-tempo as ‘Breathe,’ with its guitars, drums and bass forming the song’s foundation.

The song’s lyrical content is similar to that of ‘Breathe,’ too, as the band explained in a collective statement.

“This song is a physical fight,” the statement reads.  “It’s an argument.  It’s a battle cry for all those willing to stand up for what they believe in.’

The band stressed in its statement that ‘No Apologies’ is meant to deliver the message that while staying positive might be a good start in trying to overcome adversity, it is just a start. The band stressed it takes initiative to keep up the fight.  In other words, actions are just as important as having a positive mindset in order to overcome adversity.

‘No Apologies’ is now the second single from ‘Faith & Scars’ debut album Revolver. The album, scheduled for release Oct.17, 2020,  is the follow-up release to the band’s 2016 EP Highway Ride. Pre-orders for Revolver are open now.

Audiences can listen to the EP in full on the band’s official website.

More information on Faith & Scars is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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