Wyldlife Debuts ‘Kiss And Tell’ Video

Courtesy: Wicked Cool Records/The Orchard

Wyldlyfe debuted another single from its new album Year of the Snake over the weekend.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Kiss and Tell‘ Friday.  The band debuted the song, the album’s second single, by itself early last month.  Its debut was followed late last month with the debut album’s third single, ‘Automatic.’

The band debuted Year of the Snake‘s lead single ‘Neon Nightmare‘ Oct. 10.

Front man Dave Feldman talked about the lyrical theme of ‘Kiss and tell’ in a recent interview.

“After listening to ‘Definitely Maybe’ more times than we can count, [guitarist] Sam [Allen] an I wanted to make a song that was tough and angry, but still confident and cool,” he said.  “The lyric, ‘I’d rather be ignored than adored’ was another riff on another favorite Macnhester band, The Stone Roses.  Obviously, we as a band want to be celebrated and have an impact on people’s lives, but most times, I just want to be left the f*** alone.  Wyldlife tends to have a larger than life personality, but most people don’t actually know anything about us.  I’ve said “Good to see you” to more people I don’t know than I’m comfortable with.”

The song’s visual treatment does not seem to go along with the song’s lyrical theme, but it certainly is a unique presentation with its almost cartoonish sequences used for Feldman’s rather vivid dreams.  From skateboarding across the top of the Brooklyn Bridge, to fighting in a war to skydiving to being a superhero fighting a super villain, the video offers a lot of engagement and entertainment.

The full track listing for Year of the Snake is noted below.



Year Of The Snake Track Listing:

1 Deathbed

2 Neon Nightmare

3 Get Well

4 Kiss and Tell

5 Automatic

6 Crime of the Scene

7 Sacré Bleu

8 Year of the Snake

9 Tulsa Superstar

10 Keeping up with C.T.

11 The Falcon


The band has two concerts scheduled to take place this summer.  Both shows — July 4 and 5 — are scheduled to take place at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO.

More information on Wyldlife’s upcoming concerts, its album and singles is available online at:






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