Swim The Current Debuts ‘Temperature Maps’ Video

Swim The Current debuted the video for its new single over the weekend.

The project,created by guitarist Greg Antine, debuted the video for the single ‘Temperature Maps’ Saturday.  The video features footage of various locations in, around and even above New York City as the song plays over the video.

The song’s musical arrangement presents Antine performing a gentle, flowing pop rock style work while Antine, joined by guest performer Greg Christie presents the song’s vocals.

A quote featured in a news release about the song’s lyrical content does not identify the speaker, but does note the song’s lyrical theme focuses on the all-too-familiar topic of personal relationships.

“‘Temperature Maps,’ from a lyrical perspective, is about anger,” the statement reads.  “It’s about those times when you’re in an argument with someone you love, when your relationship is deeply strained, and you’re at that breaking point where if you don’t just pull back, or “turn your temperature down,” you run the risk of doing or saying something you’re bound to regret.  The song is about pleading with yourself to step back from that edge before you spin out of control and destroy everything you love.”

Courtesy: TLG Entertainment COmpany

‘Temperature Maps’ is just the latest single from Swim the Current.  Antine debuted the single ‘Red Desert‘ under the moniker in December.

Antine talked about that song in another interview.

“’Red Desert’ is a song about relationships and their upward spin that sails the oceans of elated emotions,” he said.  “Yet, the song also shows conversely those relationships that have gone south can be gut-wrenching; filled with emotional torture as they spiral down, and the effects surface; the cutting edge of pain.  Relationships, both upward and downward, are matters of the heart and ‘Red Desert’ tells them very well.  the highs and the lows all come out in the song.”

More information on ‘Red Desert’ is available online now along with all of the group’s latest news and more at:





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