The Fill Ins Release New LP; Album Has Spawned Three Singles

Courtesy: Hobo Wolfman Records

Independent rock band The Fill Ins is working to make as many people as possible hear of the group.

The band recently released its new album Never Heard of ‘Em on vinyl.  The 10-song record is available to buy through the band’s official website.  While audiences wait to receive the record after buying the LP, they can enjoy the album’s second single, ‘Long Way To Go.’

The band debuted the song’s companion video Feb. 21.  The video features the band performing the upbeat rock tune in a highly adorned studio setting, complete with flashing lights and a mannequin with KISS face paint.

The song’s musical arrangement is a straight-forward, upbeat rock and roll song that is founded in its guitars and time keeping.  It throws back to the golden age of rock and roll, complete with bombastic guitar solos and full confidence in the vocals, too.

Speaking of the vocals, front man Alex Stiff addressed the song’s straight forward, no nonsense lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“We’re a fun rock n roll band!,” he said.  “We enjoy making great memories with our friends and creating music to help escape away to.  No political agenda, no hidden message or deeper meaning; just a loud, unapologetic attitude-driven rock n roll.”

‘Long Way To Go’ is just one of the singles that Never Heard of ‘Em has spawned. The band debuted the album’s third single ‘Drown Your Blues‘ April 23.  The band debuted the album’s lead single ‘Return To Sender‘ Oct. 8.

More information on The Fill Ins’ new LP is available online along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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