Andy Jenkins Debuts New Single, ‘Far Away From Here’

Courtesy: Spacebomb Records

Independent singer-songwriter Andy Jenkins debuted his latest single this week.

Jenkins debuted his new song ‘Far Away From Here‘ Tuesday.  The easygoing arrangement, whose foundation is formed through its subtle guitar, piano and vocals, is a work that will appeal to fans of similar acts, such as Ben Harper and Jack Johnson.  Audiences will find the song’s lyrical theme just as familiar in its own right as its musical arrangement.

Jenkins discussed the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

“‘Far Away From Here’ is a song about the after images of love, remembering those free and easy times, heightened emotions and lengthening shadows,” he said.  “It also describes the realization — after love is gone — of feeling pretty alright.  I pictured someone at the end of a long day of traveling, who realized they felt good for the first time in a while.  ‘I don’t mind the way I felt today, far away from here.’  What’s the saying?  Distance makes the heart grow.”

Additionally, Jenkins talked about the song’s creation during his interview.

“We tracked last summer to tape at Spacebomb Studios with four of my favorite musicians:  Pinson Chanselle, Cameron Ralston, Alan Good Parker and Jacob Ungerleider,” he said.  “I produced a song of my own for the first time.  Erin Rae recorded vocals in Nashville.  her last record, Putting on Airs, was a personal revelation, beautifully crafted, cutting and calm.  I feel lucky that she is singing on this track.”

Rae appears as a guest performer on Jenkins’ new track, singing alongside him throughout the song.

‘Far Away From Here’ is available to stream and download through various platforms here.

Jenkins’ new single is his first new music since the release of his EP The Garden Opens last year.  He released his debut album Sweet Bunch in 2018.  That record was received with praise from the likes of Mojo magazine, Uncut and Stereogum.

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