Negative Thought Process’ New Record Is A Unique Form Of Musical Therapy For The Band’s Target Audience

Courtesy: Hibernacula Records

Independent metal outfit Negative Thought Process released its latest studio recording Hell IsMuch Better Than This last month.  The six-song record was released April 24 through Hibernacula Records.  The eight-minute (yes, eight minutes across six tracks) work is a presentation that will appeal to a very distinct, targeted audience, due to its overly nihilistic lyrical themes and its grindcore-style musical arrangements.  While the world is in a very dire state right now, that dire state is also the cause of a lot of anger, stress and tension, meaning that as angry and nihilistic the record presents itself as being, the emotions and thoughts presented throughout the disc could actually prove helpful in handling those thoughts and feelings.  ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is just one of the most notable of the record’s songs and will be addressed shortly.  ‘Festering in Ignorance’ also proves notable in its own right, and will be discussed a little later.  ‘Stagnant’ also proves itself key to the record’s presentation, and will also be addressed later.  Each of the songs noted here are important in their own right to the whole of Hell IsMuch Better Than This.  All things considered, they make the record a presentation that could actually prove to be its own unique form of musical therapy for its targeted audiences.

Negative Thought Process’ new record Hell IsMuch Better Than This is not a record that will appeal to everyone, with its short, yet extremely heavy musical arrangements and its rather nihilistic lyrical themes.  While that combination of content maye be difficult for some, in times like these, they could actually prove therapeutic in their own unique fashion for the noted audiences, as they could help to relieve certain tensions and stresses, much like (ironically) country music or the blues very well could do.  ‘Cognitive Dissonance,’ is just one of the songs featured in this record that serves to support the noted statements.  Clocking in at a “whopping” one minute, 12 seconds, the song’s musical arrangement puts forward a full on wall of sound with its pummeling guitars, pounding drums and guttural screams.  The song is short, but powerful.  When it is coupled with the equally powerful lyrical content here, the two elements together make the song that much more impacting.

The song states in its lead verse, “Bitter, the drugs digesting/Substance, dependence, mannequin in suit and tie/Consume the fabricated thoughts/Eyes to the floor/Molded by their gluttony/Monotonous swines/Mouth-breathing troglodytes/P*** drunk on headlines/Self-made naivety.”  The second verse reads, “Justice served for none/We are nothing/High court pigs fattened up/We are nothing.”  While very metaphorical in its delivery, the message seems at least relatively clear.  It comes across as a commentary about everything that has happened to the world.  That is especially clear as the chorus makes a statement about “Apathy-nurtured species.”  In other words, humans have become so apathetic.  Again, this is not something that will appeal widely, but will appeal to targeted audiences who are feeling much the same as what is being presented here.  It is just one of the songs featured in this brief, yet sledgehammer heavy record that will resonate with the noted audiences.  ‘Festering in Ignorance’ is another of the record’s works that will connect with the specific audiences.

‘Festering in Ignorance’ is another of those noted wall of sound works that will hit home with specific listener groups.  The fuzzed sound, the guitars and pounding drums join with the anger-fueled vocals to make for a sound that definitely has its own impact.  Its impact alone with certainly make it a work that the band’s central audiences will appreciate, and is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  Much as with ‘Cognitive Dissonance,’ this song seems to come across lyrically as also being a commentary of sorts.

That is inferred in the song’s lead verse, which states, “Mindless liars will rage/Social deformity/Shepherds lead sheep to slaughter/Brainwashed parade.”  The song continues, stating, “I will not stand by/I will not be counted/I will take what’s mine/Festering in ignorance/Brainwashed cowards/Blind power/Endless swarm amass/Butchered freedom/They enslave us all forever.”  This would seem to come across as a statement about how people around the world have become so divided because of politicians and how they have allowed themselves to be so brainwashed and divided.  It is as if the song’s subject is standing apart from those masses, saying he will not be counted among them.  Keeping that in mind, this is a rather strong and unique way in which to deliver such commentary.  It’s just one more way in which the record proves to be a work that will connect with specific listeners.  ‘Stagnant’ is yet another notable addition to the record.

‘Stagnant’ presents an arrangement that stands separate from its counterparts on this record, as it seems to focus more on a precision/technical approach than just the full on sound of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ and ‘Festering in Ignorance.’  That heaviness is there, no doubt, but there is a distinct stylistic difference here than in those songs and the record’s other works.  For that reason alone, audiences will make the song stand out to audiences.

The lyrical theme that accompanies this song’s musical arrangement adds to the song’s impact, with its own thoughts.  The song comes across as expressing the sadness and anger together that so many people feel, with the strongest statement coming in the song’s final lines, which read, “So worthless we rot/Face in the dirt/Chewed up and f****** spat out.”  Now as nihilistic as that sounds, it is not so much as it seems.  That is because earlier in the song, the statement is made, “We all want to feel something/Because the world gives us nothing.”  The song’s lead verse works with the noted statements, “I didn’t sign up to this s***/I don’t want this anymore/F*** this way to live/Rotting in the gutter/Single file to stagnate/In a  discordant system/We’re the 99% of the cesspit/Yet you’re the one that’s full of s***.”  The song continues in its second verse, “Born into liquidation/Another decimal point for overpopulation/The conductors of our extinction/Are the mothers and fathers of the nation.”  Again, this is a very heavy concept to take in, as it puts into words the things that few people feel safe saying out loud.  It really could be argued to be that proverbial “voice of the voiceless.”  Yes, it comes across as being just as angry and nihilistic as the other songs noted here, but it is also a work that musically and lyrically translates so well, and in turn can help listeners feel better by listening to it.  To that end, it is another important addition to this record.  When it is considered alongside ‘Cognitive Dissonance,’ ‘Festering in Ignorance’ and the record’s other work the whole of this presentation will certainly connect with Negative Thought Process’ targeted audiences, and worth at least one listen by those audiences.

Negative Thought Process’ new six-song record Hell IsMuch Better Than This is a record that is heavy, both in terms of its musical and lyrical content.  It is not a record that will connect with everyone, what with its heavy musical arrangement and rather angry, nihilistic lyrical themes.  For some audiences, though, that mix of content will make an impact.  To that end, it is a presentation that is worth at least one listen among the noted audiences.  Hell IsMuch Better Than This is available now.  More information on the record is available online along with all of the band’s latest news at

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