‘Chaos. Order. Renewal.’ Proves Etherius Is One Of The Next Big Names In Metal

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Independent tech-prog metal outfit Etherius is putting its talents on display again.  The New Jersey-based quartet released its new album Chaos. Order. Renewal. on April 17.  The seven-song, 23-minute record is a work that any metal purist will enjoy.  That is proven throughout the course of the record in each of the record’s full-on instrumental compositions, not the least notable of which is the album’s lead single ‘The Rivers of Sand and Blood.’  This song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Bringer of Light,’ which closes out the album, is another notable addition to the record.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Pyramid of Mirrors’ is notable in its own right as well.  It will also be addressed later.  All three of the songs noted here are key in their own way to showing why this independent metal release is well worth hearing.  Considered along with the album’s other songs, it easily proves itself one of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

Ehterius’ new full-length studio recording Chaos. Order. Renewal. is  a pleasant new surprise for hard rock and metal purists.  The record is a presentation whose appeal is far-reaching across the hard rock and metal realms.  That is proven in part through the album’s lead single ‘The Rivers of Sand and Blood.’  Clocking in at just under three-and-a-half-minutes, this full on metal opus features guitar work and time keeping that fans of bands, such as Allegaeon, Holy Grail and Exmortus.  That is exhibited through the use of precision and melodies in the guitars and the equally precise time keeping. The control that each of the band’s members – guitarists Jay Tarantino and Jon Perkins, bassist Chris Targia and drummer Zaki Ali – shows throughout the song is worthy of its own share of applause.  While there are no vocals to go along with the composition, it would be easy to add vocals if one wanted.  Interestingly, Tarantino has noted in interviews that the band intentionally avoids using vocals as he himself doesn’t care for most of the screaming vocals that go along with so much metal.  He makes a valid point.  It is nice sometimes to just to sit back and listen to the instrumentation and not have that distraction all the time of the guttural, cookie monster growls to decipher.  At the same time, that lack of vocals also leads to its own share of discussion, as the title leaves plenty to discuss in relation to the instrumentation.  In this case, the album’s clearly Egyptian-themed body leaves understanding that maybe this song was meant to perhaps reflect the intensity of battles that took place in ancient Egypt, leading to so much blood spread on the ground.  It really is uncharted territory for any band, going into Egyptian history for the basis of an album and getting so precise within the course of said record with musical stories inspired by said history.  Keeping that in mind with the purely infectious nature of this arrangement, the song proves to be an important addition to the album, and just one of the album’s most notable works.  ‘Bringer of Light’ is another notable addition to the album.

‘Bringer of Light,’ the finale for Chaos. Order. Renewal. presents an arrangement that is a stark departure from the intensity of ‘The Rivers of Sand and Blood.’  This song is a very peaceful, serene wok.  The guitar line here is the type of work that one might expect from perhaps Dream Theater or another similar progressive rock/metal act.  What’s interesting to note is that in doing research on “the bringer of light,” Kuk (as he was known) was that which came just before light, and in turn, considered the “bringer-in of light.”  Kuk was also the Egyptiann god of darkness and chaos.  So to that end, perhaps this arrangement was not so much a reflection of Kuk causing chaos, but the renewal of the opposite of chaos.  That would make this arrangement fitting as a finale for the album, and would in turn leave one to wonder even more if this record was in fact meant to be a instrumental concept record of sorts.  Regardless, the song is just as certain, with  its calm delivery, to keep listeners just as engaged and entertained as ‘The Rivers of Sand and Blood,’ which technically is the album’s true opener.  It is just one more of the album’s most notable works.  ‘Pyramid of Mirrors’ is yet another key addition to the album.

‘Pyramid of Mirrors’ is interesting in that while the familiar shredding is there along with the precision time keeping, the song is more of a power metal opus than a thrash metal work alone.  That is not to say that the thrash elements are not there.  Quite the opposite is the case, in fact.  But the power metal elements are slightly more prominent here.  The combination of the elements makes the song in whole yet another strong point in this record’s presentation.  Every line is expertly balanced with its counterparts, leaving the song in whole to have the utmost impact.  The effect is a picture of perhaps someone caught in one of those searches for treasure in the pyramids.  That is just this critic’s interpretation of the song.  Regardless of the story in the song, the fact remains that it is another standout work that boasts its own merits.  When considered with the other songs examined here and the rest of the album’s songs, the end result is a record that is deserving of attention by every hard rock and metal fan.

Etherius’ new album Chaos. Order. Renewal. is a powerful new offering from the up-and-coming tech-prog metal quartet.  That is evidenced through the variety of musical arrangements in the album, as evidenced here.  All three of the songs examined here delves into a different realm of the progressive rock and metal world.  That gives listeners plenty to applaud.  The same can be said of the album’s other works.  All things considered, the album proves itself to be one of this year’s top new hard rock and metal albums.  It is available now.  More information on the band’s new LP is available online along with all of its latest news at:




Website: http://www.etherius.bigcartel.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EtheriusBand




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