Violent Idols Asking Fans To Help Craft Its Next Video

Courtesy: Violent Idols

Violent Idols wants fans to help create the video for its new song ‘F*** You.’

The band debuted the song by itself April 23.  It is featured in the band’s new EP Idolatry, which is streaming in whole through Spotify.  The song and EP were produced and mixed by Kane Churko at The Hideout Recording Studio.

As the band prepares to create an official video for its new single, which features guest vocals from Gemini Syndrome front man Aaron Nordstrom, the group is launching a contest to get its fans involved in the process.  The band is asking fans to submit footage to the band showing how they say ‘F*** You’ during the COVID-19 quarantine.

The footage picked by the band will end up in the upcoming video.  Fans can submit their footage now here.

In terms of its musical arrangement, the song lends itself, ironically, to comparisons to works from Gemini Syndrome, The Veer Union and other similar acts through its heavy, guitar-driven foundation.  The song’s low-end and percussion adds to that comparison even more.

The song’s lyrical theme is an anger-fueled statement to which any listener can relate, and was discussed by the band recently in a collective statement.

“‘F*** You’ encapsulates a feeling that every single person alive has felt at one time or another,” the statement reads.  “Even the best of us still have moments where we just want to let our anger and frustration out and say, ‘F*** You.’  This song is an ode to that feeling, a feeling that need not be hidden inside, as it’s an honest reflection of he internal human struggle.”

The band’s enigmatic front man “V” added to the discussion with his own comment on the song’s creation with his own statement.

“Very appropriately, I started writing this song in my car after getting stuck behind bad driver after bad driver,” he said.  “Aaron [Nordstrom] and I had discussed the idea of him guesting on our EP and once I had the initial seeds for it I knew it would be perfect to involve him on.  Aaron is an extremely talented artist, and he brought a whole other layer of intellectual rage to the song that I would not have been able to do alone.”

‘F*** You’ is the fifth and final single from the new five-song EP.  The band debuted the EP’s lead single ‘Enemies With Benefits‘ Oct. 22, 2019.  The song’s musical arrangement presents a sort of industrial metal sound at its base while its lyrical theme is heavy in its own right.

“V” discussed the song’s lyrical theme in a previous interview.

“There is no hero without an enemy, and usually, even the villain thinks himself the hero,” he said.  “This song explores the schizophrenic relationship between the two and their perpetual bond.”

‘Enemies with Benefits’ is available to stream and download here.

The debut of the EP’s second song, a cover of The Doors’ ‘Break On Through (To The Other Side)‘ followed in December.  The band debuted the EP’s next song, ‘Unscripted VIolence,’ which is the theme song for AEW star John Moxley, on Feb. 5.  It was followed weeks later with the debut of the record’s fourth single, ‘New Religion (ft. K.A.Z.).’

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