Static-X Debuts ‘All These Years’ Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Static-X is giving audiences another preview of its forthcoming album Project Regeneration Volume 1.

The band debuted the video for the album’s new single ‘All These Years‘ Thursday.  The video features a young Wayne Static in what is supposed to be his bedroom, seeing his future self on his television, which is the lead-in to the footage of the band, including current front man Xer0, performing the single.

Fans of vintage television, movies and music will appreciate the bedroom setting, with posters of Spock from Star TrekThe Original SeriesBatman and the famed poster of actress Farrah Fawcet in her swimsuit.  The young Wayne wears a Paul Stanley mask and is listening to music from KISS as his father comes into the room, reminding him to do his homework before he listens to music.

As Wayne leans over his notebook, trying to write about what he wants to be when he when he grows up, the video starts playing on his television, leading to the performance.

The video for ‘All These Years’ was co-directed by Xer0 and Matt Zane.

Drummer Ken Jay talked about the inspiration for the song’s video treatment in a recent interview.

“It’s very challenging to represent someone in a music video, who is no longer alive, but that was something that we really wanted to do and I think it came out great,” he said. “These are some of Wayne’s last works, so we really wanted to make this video all about him and to continue to celebrate his life and legacy. What better way to do that than through a fun, fictional story about how Wayne was inspired to become the legend that who he became through STATIC-X.”

Static-X debuted the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Hollow‘ Feb. 7.

Project Regeneration Volume 1 was originally scheduled for release May 29, but the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has caused delays in the album’s manufacturing process, according to fellow band member Tony Campos.

“The album is 100% complete,” he said.  “We are just waiting for the manufacturing to resume.  We have been given word that all is finally in production, so we are excited to get this out to the fans.”

The album’s new physical release date is July 10 on CD and Aug. 14 on vinyl.

ProjectRegeneration Volume 1 is the first of two volume of new music from Static-X.  Work is underway on the second volume of songs.  The two volumes together will feature more than 20 songs.

More information on Static-X’s new album, tour dates and more is available online now at:






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