Illegal Mezcal Concert Series To Feature Performance By The Sh-Booms Saturday Afternoon

Courtesy: Limited Fanfare Records

The Sh-Booms is scheduled to perform live Saturday afternoon.

The band, whose latest album The Blurred Odyssey was released last April, is scheduled to appear live at 2 p.m. EST Saturday online as part of Illegal Mezcal’s Musician’s Breakfast concert series.  The live series is an acoustic concert series that brings performers live to audiences.

Saturday’s session will take place on the official Illegal Mezcal Instagram page.  A Q&A session will follow the peformance.

The Sh-Booms bassist Al Ruiz discussed taking part in the concert series in a recent interview.

“Ilegal Mezcal’s Musician’s Breakfast series was started as a way to close the distance between artists with intimate kitchen performances and live question and answer sessions after,” he said.  “The Sh-Booms are excited to be featured in Episode 11 of series, performing “Outlaw”, “Sin and the City”, and a cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s “The Killing Moon.”

“Getting out and playing is just our favorite part of being a band, and while we can’t do that for now, we are really excited that Ilegal had us over to play a few,” he added.

The Sh-Booms has curated a playlist for audiences to enjoy while they await the band’s performance.  The playlist, which is streaming through Spotify, features some of the band members’ favorite songs.

More information on The Sh-Booms’ concert and The Blurred Odyssey is available online along with The Sh-Booms’ tour schedule, news and more at:










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