Autograph Debuts New Single, ‘Souls On Fire’

Courtesy: EMP Label Group

Veteran rock band Autograph debuted its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted its new single ‘Souls on Fire’ Friday through EMP Label Group.  The song’s musical arrangement is a classic, guitar-driven style composition that lends itself to comparisons to music from the likes of Alter Bridge, Velvet Underground and even King’s X to a lesser degree.

The song’s lyrical theme comes across as delivering a message about reaching for those things that we want in life.  This is inferred through the chorus, in which front man Simon Daniels sings, “Souls on fire/Dancing in the…rain/Heroes, villains/Switching sides in the new games/People fighting for their dreams and desires/There’s no stopping/When your soul is on fire.”  That sense is enhanced as he sings in the song’s lead verse, “All the creatures came together/All the angels fell from heaven/In the air, a new vibration/On the streets, a new sensation/Coast to coast/Across the nation/Product of a generation/Power of negotiation/Trapped in a computer file/Trojan horses running wild/It’s almost time for expiration.”  This verse seems to hint at the impact that a generation has on everybody, renewing that sense of purpose that we all struggle to find.  There is so much negative (I.E. metaphorical trojan horses, angels falling from heaven) yet there are people who are motivating others through their own actions to make a difference.

Daniels continues in the song’s second verse, “A brand new era drawing near/Courage will outdo the fear/Rising power/Domination/Moves to find new inspiration/Round the world/Across the nations.”  Again, here is that seeming message about overcoming the adversity and obstacles that are rising.  It works with the song’s lead verse and chorus to support even more, the argument that this is meant to deliver the message of people not letting life’s hurdles get in their way.  It is a message that will resonate with a wide range of listeners, as will the readily accessible musical arrangements.

‘Souls on Fire’ is streaming now on Autograph’s official YouTube channel and through the band’s official Bandcamp page.  A portion of sales generated through download of the song through the band’s Bandcamp page will go to benefit Trinity Health of New England in its efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Daniels offered gratitude to the agency’s staff for its efforts in a recent interview.

“The members of Autograph, would like to give our most sincere thanks to all the front-line nurses during this unprecedented time,” he said.  “Each of us is grateful for the commitment nurses provide across our nation.  It is through their dedicated efforts, our loved ones affected with Coronavirus are cared for and cured and able to be reunited with their families.”

‘Souls on Fire’ is Autograph’s first new song with new guitarist Jimi Bell (House of House of Lords, Maxx Explosion).  Bell replaced Steve Lynch, who left the band last year.

With Bell’s addition to the band, the group’s current lineup is composed of himself, Daniels, founding bassist Randy Rand and drummer Marc Wieland.

More information on Autograph’s new single is available along with the band’s latest news and more at:






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