Life Renewed Debuts New Single, ‘By Faith’

Courtesy: Renewing Music Studios/TLG Entertainment Company

Christian metalcore band Life Renewed debuted its latest single over the weekend.

The Richmond, VA-based band, which got its start in Raleigh, NC, debuted its single ‘By Faith’ Friday.  The song, which is featured in the group’s new forthcoming EP Launching From Ground Zero, debuted Friday through Spotify and the band’s official Youtube channel.

The song’s pummeling musical arrangement, which is founded through its wall of sound style approach, will appeal to fans of other metalcore acts, such as Unearth and fellow Christian metal acts Phineas and Demon Hunter.

Band founder Rob Volkoff discussed the song’s lyrical content in a recent interview.

“This was the first song written in 2014 with the inspiration of roommate and clean vocal feature Nick West,” he said.  “This is song number four of a seven-song EP called Launching From Ground Zero. This EP encompasses the concept of a person who has struggled in life and has formed opinions, thoughts and feelings that have affected the person’s life negatively. This song, along with the concept of the whole EP, is a journey of reflecting throughout all of life’s experiences to discover and bring into fruition some of the lessons on how a person can find and truly possess faith – to grow, evolve and become a person with purpose. “By Faith” was the first completed song off the EP and was the foundation of the whole EP and encompasses all the elements of the EP musically & contextually”‘

BoughtXBlood front man Alvin Triplett provided the screams for ‘By Faith.’

More information on Life Renewed is available along with all of the group’s news at:




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