Blue Eyed Christ Debuts New Single, ‘America H’

Courtesy: TAG Publicity/Distortion Productions

Electronic music act Blue Eyed Christ returned this week with its first new music in years.

The act, founded by producer/engineer John D. Norten, debuted its new single ‘America H‘ Monday.  The song, whose musical arrangement will appeal to fans of acts, such as Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, is featured in the BEC’s forthcoming album World on Fire.  The album is scheduled for release on May 22 through Distortion Productions.

The musical arrangement at the center of ‘American H’ is a subtle keyboard-driven work whose electronics add their own touch to the song’s presentation.  The balance of the keyboards, electronics and vocals makes the song wholly engaging and entertaining from beginning to end of its three-and-a-half-minute opus.

The song’s lyrical content is part of a bigger commentary that encompasses the album, which is overall, a concept album.

Norten talked the concept behind the song in a recent interview.

“‘America H’ is about sifting through the noise of the media and content we consume every day, how everything we surround ourselves with influences us,” he said. “There’s also an Orwellian tone to it that I expect will seem more relevant as things progress like government surveillance, civil liberties, etc.”

Additionally, Norten talked about the overarching concept at the center of the album.

World on Fire is a loosely based concept album about the state of the world that combines the energy and political anthems of my first album mixed with the personal themes I’m also known for,” he said.  “It’s the combustion of everything I’ve done on the first 4 albums. When I started writing it, I really didn’t realize how prophetic it would become as things continue to unravel and become more polarized and extreme; I thought I was writing an album about the dystopian world we live in, but then realized I was also writing a deeply personal album about the collective human experience. It’s about trying to make sense of everything being thrown at you and finding out where you fit in.”

World on Fire is Blue Eyed Christ’s fifth album and his first in six years.  Pre-orders are open now for the 11-song album through Distortion Productions’ official website and through Blue Eyed Christ’s official Bandcamp page.  The record’s track listing is noted below.


Track List:
1. Start the Show
2. Stop the Show!
3. America H
4. Manic Adderall (Nation of the Damned)
5. Massive React
6. Take It the the Streets
7. World on Fire (Feat. En Esch and Mea Fisher)
8. The System Pt. 1
9. The System Pt. 2
10. The Wait is Over (Feat. Swindy)
11. The Slow Reverse


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