Faith & Scars Debuts ‘Never The Same’ Video

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Independent rock band Faith & Scars debuted the video for another new single last week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Never The Same‘ May 20.  The video, co-directed by Roger Glenn and Jaiden Frost, continues the story established through the band’s past two singles, ‘No Apologies‘ and ‘Balance‘ and builds on that story in the process.

The main character from those songs’ videos finds the negative figure that he fought in said presentations, but symbolically buries it once and for all.  The thing is that while he puts an end to that matter, another subject, this time a woman, is terrorized by her own negative force.  The woman is played by actress Cheyenne Liverman.

While Liverman’s character sleeps, the band performs its new single in what is meant to look like a live setting.  It all leads up to Liverman’s character waking from her slumber, only to be terrorized by the masked figure that terrorized the subject of the videos from the first two videos.

The song’s musical  arrangement is a more melodic, emotional approach than that of ‘No Apologies’ and ‘Balance.’  It presents a sense of emotional vulnerability, which plays into the song’s lyrical content, and by connection, its video.

The band explained the song’s lyrical content in a collective statement that reads in part, “The driving message that we want to deliver with this song is: You are stronger than you believe. At times it may seem that you’re spinning your wheels or lost, but trust us when we reiterate, you’re stronger than you think. We encourage you to search deep within yourself and realize that you already possess the power to make a change, any change you want to! Just try to wake up each day and treat it with the respect & dignity of a new start. You can move mountains! It’s within you already.”

The statement additionally notes, “This song begs a generation to wake up. We the people, should strive to help other people. We believe that change starts with an idea. The idea is unity.  Let’s stand together on this. Let’s strive to make the world a better place. Let us leave it in better shape than we found it. After all, you never know when you’re just one misstep away from ‘Never the Same’. Food for thought, Keep the Faith.”

‘Never The Same’ is the third single from Faith & Scars’ forthcoming album RevolverPre-orders for the eight-song record are open now. The album, scheduled for release Oct.17, 2020, is the follow-up release to the band’s 2016 EP Highway Ride.

Audiences can listen to the EP in full on the band’s official website.

More information on Faith & Scars is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:





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