‘Virtuaverse’ Soundtrack Is Another Impressive Genre-Spanning Offering From Master Boot Record

Courtesy: Master Boot Record

Electronic music artist Master Boot Record has been keeping himself rather busy lately.  The composer/musician, who will henceforth be referred to as MBR since his given name is unknown, released his latest album Floppy Disk Overdrive in March through Metal Blade Records.  Not long after its release, he released another collection of songs in the form of the Virtuaverse OST.  Virtuaverse is a point and click computer game whose plot centers on an artificial intelligence that controls the world, and the efforts of a group of people to change that.  The game’s graphics are a throwback to the look of computer and video games from the late 80s and early 90s while the soundtrack, again, crafted by MBR, is a full-on synthwave presentation.  The 13-song compilation is a surprisingly impressive work, too, thanks to its sound, which lends itself to comparisons to Daft Punk’s work on the Tron: Legacy OST.  In other words, this latest offering from MBR is a presentation that will greatly appeal to electronic music fans.  That is evidenced right from the soundtrack’s opener, the official theme song for the game.  It will be addressed shortly.  ‘Optimized User Experience,’ the soundtrack’s closer, is another example of what makes the soundtrack stand out.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘DDoS Attack,’ which comes just past the soundtrack’s midpoint, is one more positive point from the soundtrack.  It will be addressed later, too.  When it is considered along with the other noted songs and the rest of the soundtrack’s entries, the compilation in whole becomes a work that will appeal to any electronic music fan.

Master Boot Record’s official soundtrack to the video game Virtuaverse is a welcome offering from the electronic music composer/musician.  Having come shortly after the release of his latest album Floppy Disk Overdrive, the 13-song record will find a wide appeal among fans of electronic music.  That is proven in part through the compilation’s opener and the game’s theme song.  The use of the keyboard and electronics in this song leads to a comparison to works from Daft Punk on the soundtrack to Disney’s Tron: Legacy.  The incorporation of the guitar and drums into the mix adds even more impact to its presentation, as that element is used sparingly and is well-balanced with the song’s other elements. It likens itself to the material presented in Floppy Disk Overdrive.  The balance of those more 80s’ new wave style elements and the harder-edged sounds throughout the song adds even more to the composition’s appeal.  The overall dark, yet driving sound of the song in whole makes it a powerful opener for the soundtrack.  The use of the visuals in the game’s “trailer” — on its website — along with the song makes for even more impact.  By its end, the song leaves audiences wanting more in the best way possible, and audiences get more throughout the record, including the soundtrack’s equally notable closer, ‘Optimized User Experience.’

‘Optimized User Experience’ is another work that fits just as well in this compilation as it would in Floppy Disk Overdrive with its combination of electronics and guitars.  The song’s opening bars are grounded in a steady, single-note beat from the keyboards.  That beat is accompanied by what is meant to be a very “digital,” “computerized” sound.  Eventually, an actual melody joins the mix along with a steady, driving bass drum beat and guitars.  The whole of that sound creates what can only be described as a very industrial/electronic metal sound.  It is a sound that will appeal to fans of acts, such as Julien-K, Orgy and to a lesser extent, Gravity Kills.  The most notable aspect of the arrangement in whole is how is starts so subdued but gradually builds over the course of its four-minute-plus run time until eventually coming to a shattering finale that closes out the album on a truly powerful note.  The fact that the song builds so steadily and manages to keep listeners engaged and entertained throughout shows that the time and thought that went into the song’s composition paid off quite well.  The result is a work that closes out this soundtrack just as well as the game’s theme song opens the soundtrack.  It still is just one more of the soundtrack’s most notable works.  ‘DDoS Attack’ is one more example of what makes the Virtuaverse OST such an impressive new offering from MBR.

‘DDoS Attack’ is another very Daft Punk-eque work in its opening bars, with the keyboards and electronics creating a very brooding, melancholy and mysterious opening.  The sense that this approach creates in listeners ensures listeners’ engagement right off the bat.  The eventual addition of the guitar (effects?) and the melody to the arrangement builds on the foundation formed early on in the song, continuing the entertainment.  As the song progresses, that addition of the guitars to the mix (and the drums) makes for even more of a comparison to works from Orgy than that of any of the collection’s other songs.  The general effect of the composition is wholly engaging and entertaining.  It shows once more why this compilation, despite being a soundtrack, is still another impressive collection of original works from Master Boot Record that will appeal not just to gamers but to rock and metal fans and to those of electronic music and EDM even.  Keeping that in mind, this song, along with the other arrangements noted here and the rest of the collection’s featured works, make this soundtrack one of the biggest and best surprises of the year.

Master Boot Record’s soundtrack to the video game Virtuaverse is a surprisingly enjoyable new offering from the electronic/rock composer/musician Master Boot Record.  It takes the successes of each of his past recordings (of which there are many) and builds on them with even more new material and sounds.  From the soundtrack’s opener to its finale, the compilation’s synthwave sounds and arrangements change things up constantly while also keeping things interesting.  The result, as noted through the trio of songs examined here, is a work that despite being a soundtrack, a quite pleasant surprise for so many audiences.  It is available now through his official bandcamp page.

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