Asinis’ Debut LP Gives Promise For The Band’s Future

Courtesy: Seek & Strike

Independent metalcore band Asinis releases its debut EP Roots today through Seek & Strike.  The band’s debut studio recording, this five-song record is quite a notable first offering from the band.  That is due in part to its lyrical content.  This will be discussed shortly.  Its musical content builds on the foundation formed through its lyrical content and will be discussed a little later.  The record’s production and mixing puts the finishing touch to its presentation.  Each noted item is important in its own right to the whole of the EP.  All things considered, they make Gaia one of this year’s most unique EPs and debuts from any hard rock and metal band.

Asinis’ debut EP Roots is one of this year’s more unique new offerings within the hard rock and metal community, especially being an EP.  That is due in large part to the record’s lyrical content.  That content in question makes up what the band calls the first chapter in the story of the planet Gaia.  The exact wording from a post on the band’s official Facebook page reads, “Roots is the first chapter in the continuing history of the planet Gaia. The listener gets first insights, since it is about the visualization of Gaia, her power, the longings of her creation and about fighting spirit.”  Concept records are typically saved for full-length records, not EPs.  EPs are usually “test records” of sorts for young groups just starting out and in other cases, space fillers for other acts.  So to use an EP and concept record – a concept record with a fantasy story no less – to start out is brave.  The band is to be commended for that.  The band is also to be commended for the way in which the story is told through each song, beginning with the EP’s opener, ‘Gaia.’  The song’s lyrics paint a rich, vivid picture of the planet, the lead verse stating of the environment, “The pulsating blue morning sun charges the atmosphere with its powerful light/Soft winds blow across the lands and seas/Carrying the source of growth/From her core she created the beings/In the image and likeness of herself The diversity – deep within the same/Swing in unity/All is connected In an invisible grid An intricate system Self-regulated.”  The picture becomes richer thanks to the second verse, which states, “The bubbling blood has formed the mountains That raise towards the stars above A shiny gleam emerges now and then It awakes pure force within Dance with the moons Orbit the flashing sun Dance with persistence Until every motion is gone We are dancing We are one We are – we are.”  This is a celebration of life and the force that created it on her planet.  As the story continues, listeners are presented with sub-stories of sorts about the beings who populate the planet.  They are much like us, dealing with many different personal feelings and thoughts, from that person looking for that other person in their life who completes  them in ‘Soulmate’ to the person gaining enlightenment in life in ‘Stardust’ to the person who is feeling pride of overcoming adversity in ‘Victor’ to the person realizing he/she has a greater purpose.  The stories featured within the songs’ lyrical content are stories to which we the listeners can relate.  That is because the concepts in the songs are universal.  The messages are largely positive and will uplift any listener.  What’s more, while they are pat of a bigger story, these songs, in their lyrical presentations stand just as well on their own merits as they do collectively.  Keeping that in mind, the lyrical content featured in Roots serves as a solid foundation for the EP.  It is just one part of what makes Roots so surprisingly appealing.  The lyrics’ musical accompaniments add to the record’s interest.

The musical arrangements that accompany Roots’ lyrical themes will appeal to fans of bands, such as Unearth, Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying.  That is evident through the presentation of the sharp, heavy guitars, the equally cutting vocal deliveries, the bass lines and the precision in the time keeping.  From one song to the next, elements of each noted band’s influence is evident along with influences of other well-known metalcore acts.  ‘Gaia,’ the EP’s opener, starts out gentle, but wastes little time launching into its full presentation.  This song likens itself more to works from Unearth and other metalcore acts than KsE or AILD.  ‘Soulmate’ meanwhile is more akin to those two bands with its machine gun drumming and guitars in its opening bars and its short guitar bursts and sharp vocal delivery throughout the rest of its body.  ‘Stardust’ takes the band back in a heavier direction again as the EP enters its midpoint.  ‘Victor,’ is very similar stylistically to works from AILD what with its more melodic yet heavy approach.  ‘Revolution,’ which closes out the EP, is grounded in its guitars and drums.  The dual guitar approach and the stability in the time keeping form a solid foundation on which the vocals and bass rest so easily.  From start to end, the arrangements featured in this record will keep metalcore fans everywhere engaged and entertained in their own right.  Together with the lyrical content, the two sides of the EP’s whole are sure to make this presentation one that will appeal to lots of metal audiences.  They are still only a portion of what makes the EP stand out.  Its overall mixing and production puts the finishing touch to its presentation.

The mixing and production that went into Roots is notable because of the balanced sound from each arrangement.  There is a whole lot happening in each song, from the powerhouse guitar lines to the equally searing vocals to the precision in the time keeping (complete with all of the fills) and the low-end from the bass.  It would have been so  easy for those behind the boards to let all of it mingle together and just become a wall of sound.  That has happened with plenty of other bands’ records.  Thankfully it did not happen in this case.  The result is a work whose production and mixing proves just as pivotal to its presentation as its overall content.  All things considered, it proves to be a good introduction from Asinis and a work that shows promise for the band within the metalcore community.

Asinis’ debut EP Roots is an applause-worthy debut from the German metalcore band.  That is due in part to its overall lyrical content.  The lyrical content makes up one chapter of what is apparently going to be an ongoing conceptual story from the band.  The story is original, but still is able to connect with listeners.  The musical arrangements that accompany said lyrical content adds its own element of appeal to the whole, as does the EP’s production and mixing.  Each item is important in its own way to the whole of Roots.  All things considered, they make Roots a work that shows promise for the band’s future in the metalcore community.  The EP is available now through Seek & Strike.  More information on Roots is available along with all of Asinis’ latest news and more at:








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