Turbo Debuts ‘Make Bail’ Video

Courtesy: Asher Media Relations

Independent rock band Turbo is giving audiences another preview of its new album.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘Make Bail‘ May 30.  The song is the third song from the band’s forthcoming album Fast as F***.  It has already produced the singles ‘Alive‘ and ‘Burning The Wick.’

Recorded during quarantine, the video features each member of the band — Evan Frizzle (vocals, guitar), Sylvain Coderre (drums), Lindsey Dicks (guitar) and Todd Stanley (bass) — performing his respective part for the song in his own home.

The band discussed the video’s creation in a collective statement.

“When COVID-19 was on the rise and the quarantine hit in full-force, everyone was trapped inside and bored on a biblical scale,” the statement reads.  “Shows were cancelled, tours were cancelled, and we had to come up with a fun backup-plan and fast. We decided on a DIY music video, and it only took a very short conversation and a coy laugh before  we agreed that a song called “Make Bail” was almost too good of a fit for the “Stay The Blazes Home” breakout-of-your-house video we had in mind.”

The full track listing for Fast As F*** is noted below.  Pre-orders are open now.

Track Listing:
1. Burning The Wick (2:13)
2. Alive (3:12)
3. Living On The Line (3:26)
4. Silver Spoon (2:56)
5. Make Bail (3:25)
6. Last Call (3:41)
7. Serpents Coil (6:37)
Album Length: 25:33

More information on Turbo’s new album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:


Website: http://turboasfvck.bandcamp.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TURBOFAF


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